chilli potato eating challenge

Chilli Potato Eating challenge (Gone Wrong) | Spicy Chilli Potato Eating Competition | KulFiy

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Chilli Potato Eating challenge

Today’s Chilli Potato Eating Challenge is going to be a CRAZY Spicy Chilli Potato Eating Competition. So watch the full eating competition and enjoy Spicy Chilli Potato food Challenge Video.

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Hello Friends, In this video, Me (Ashish) and My Big Brother (Ankur) are trying to entertain you by Crazy Spicy Chilli Potato Eating Challenge.

Hope you will Like & Share this Chilli Potato Eating competition.

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Spicy Eating Competition

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We have divided this HOT AND SPICY Chilli Potato Eating Challenge into 2 rounds with Twist. The loser of this spicy eating challenge will be punished by BLINDFOLD and SPICY TWIST CHILLI POTATOES. So…

KEEP WATCHING FULL Competition FOR Crazy, EXTRA SPICY BlindFold Punishment.

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Chilli Potato Eating challenge (Gone Wrong) | Spicy Chilli Potato Eating Competition | Food Challenge | KulFiy

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