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Checklist for Building Inspections Melbourne & VIC

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If you are a professional building inspector, then it is important for you to carry a checklist with you for every client. This will not just make sure that you check every important aspect of a building inspection process, it will also make the entire task simpler for you. There are several building inspectors like you out there. However, when it comes to carrying a building inspection checklist, just a few do so in reality.

Tips To Create a Building Inspection Checklist

It is true that creating a building inspection checklist require some level of experience as a professional inspector from a company like However, even if you are new in the job, there are several tips that can help you create such a checklist. Some of these tips are described below.

Stairwells/Hallways/Corridors/Aisles: It is needless to say that all types of corridors need to be free from furniture that may prove as an obstruction for people exiting the building. During a building inspection if you see such violations taking place, you will have to ensure that the furniture is removed from its current position and placed in a better place. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask.

Exits: When it comes to the exit of a building, it should be clear for every person. This is one section of a building that needs to remain clear all the time so that people can easily get out of a building in the course of an accident of a serious incident. If there is anything obstructing the exit, ensure that it is cleared off immediately.

Exit Lights: The exit locations of a building should be proper lit and everything should be clearly visible to the naked eye. All the lights at the exits should be fully functional.

Fire Doors: Buildings need to have fire doors that are meant to be remain closed. Under normal circumstances, fire doors lead to a staircase from where people escape a building. This door should not be propped open all the time as this may result in serious complications in case of any fire inside the building.

Office Rooms: Now getting to the office rooms, it is important that too many chairs are not there in a single office space at any given time. The maximum number of people allowed in a room or an office premises is based upon the total number of exit doors in the given space. It is needless to say that too many chairs can prevent people from exiting a room or office space during an emergency. Thus, it is extremely important that you evaluate the capacity of every office space and building.

Mechanical or Electrical Rooms: This is a specially made room for housing the mechanical and electrical controls of a building. These are certainly not an extra space for any type of storage. Thus, storing the mechanical or electrical room with chairs, tables and other types of furniture is certainly not allowed. If this happens then there will be a major possibility of accidents taking place in the future.

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