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Cheap Flights – How to Find Cheap Flights Online

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Cheap flights can be found online if you know how to shop around. The key is timing. When possible, try flying off-peak. You’ll save more money that way. You can also find cheap flights by using OTAs, such as Skyscanner and Google Flights. These sites offer flight options from all over the world.

OTAs offer cheapest flights

OTAs may offer cheap flights, but it is important to keep a few things in mind when booking. The best way to avoid paying more than necessary for a ticket is to book direct with the airline. It is possible to earn miles from some airlines, which is helpful if you are a frequent traveler. However, you should always check if you qualify to earn these miles before booking directly with the airline.

One thing to keep in mind when booking an OTA is that they are not always adhering to their agreements with airlines. In fact, a FareTrack study showed that over 30% of OTAs undercut the price of flights. This is called rate parity violation. Also, different OTAs use different tactics in order to get around the airline. The goal of an OTA is to make as many sales as possible, which may include bulk discounts. This can result in significant profits for the OTA.

Another option is to book directly through the airline’s website. OTAs often charge a fee to book flights, but it is usually possible to get the same price directly through the airline website. If you have flexible dates, you can use Skyscanner to compare prices for flights. You can also use Google Flights to find the best price. The interface is easy to use and ad-free.

Wanttotravel is another OTA to check out. Like many OTAs, this site offers flexible search options and allows you to sort deals by price, duration, and departure time. It can also help you find good last-minute flights or cheap prices if you book early. The site also allows you to set alerts for flights you are interested in.


Wanttotravel is a website that offers the best deals on flights. The website allows you to compare the cost of flights in real time. It also allows you to select the flights that fit your budget and payment options. The site lists all the major airlines as well as low cost carriers and their fares. The cheapest flights are displayed first so you can quickly compare prices.

It has been operating in South Africa since 2006 and is now available in Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Kuwait, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. It allows users to book their flights and other holiday requirements in a single, simple process. The website’s technology scours the Internet to find the best deals, and users can browse flights according to their preferences.

It has the latest exchange rates, and its website also provides a list of the amount of money that you need to pay for an international flight. Its website is easy to navigate and provides safe payment options for international travel. You can also mix and match flights, and Wanttotravel will even approve your travel insurance.

They also have a customer service line that can help you book a flight. You can speak with a representative via phone or in person to get assistance booking your flight. It is important to note that flight prices change rapidly, so it is best to make payment as soon as possible. To book your flight on Wanttotravel, you need to make the payment before midnight.

This is the best site to compare international flight prices. It offers the lowest fares on flights from more than 200 airlines. You can also take advantage of their birthday sale for a discount on tickets.


Skyscanner is a free travel search engine that compares airline prices, fares, and travel times. Its aim is to help travelers save money and make travel planning simple. Users can filter search results based on price ranges, travel time, and other criteria. They can also create price alerts so that they’ll receive notifications when prices change.

Skyscanner’s “Whole month” feature can help you find the cheapest flights in any month. To do this, enter the date you’d like to travel. If you’re flexible, you can even choose a specific month to see which dates are cheapest. You can also search for flights to multiple cities and multiple destinations.

Skyscanner can find flights from any airport and any location. You can even find flights with flexible dates and add extra baggage to your trip. However, make sure to check if you’ll be able to check whether your luggage is included in the cost. When using Skyscanner, you should always compare prices with other websites before you book.

Skyscanner also has an app that contains most of the same features as the website. The app is available for Android and Apple devices and allows you to track a particular flight. Users can also sign up for price alerts, see what days are cheapest, and book a flight directly from the app. The app also has customer service that can answer questions, but they’re not very helpful.

Skyscanner’s One-Way flight search allows you to enter your desired destination and departure city. You can also select how many passengers will be traveling. The search results will show the best flights for each leg of the journey.

Google Flights

Google Flights is one of the best ways to find the cheapest flights. It integrates with partner websites and is mobile friendly. The search engine offers results that are ranked based on price and total time. It also displays prices on a graph so you can easily see how prices have fluctuated over time. You can also check out price trends by month and week.

You can also use Google Flights to find hotels and activities around your destination. Its interface is easy to navigate, and it offers multiple filtering options. It also helps you track flight prices and can send you alerts if prices go up. It also provides helpful information about planes, including legroom and WIFI.

Another great feature of Google Flights is that it allows you to search for flights from up to seven airports at once. This can be especially helpful if you live near multiple airports and want to save money. You’ll also find flights from the major airports within a city. However, be aware that Google Flights relies on airline partnerships and has limited flight availability, so check for any restrictions or fees before booking.

To save money, you should book your flight well in advance. Google Flights keeps track of price fluctuations and sends you an email whenever the airfares increase. It also shows you the best times to book flights, including popular routes and peak travel times. In addition, it recommends the best dates to travel to a specific destination. Remember to plan ahead and book early, especially for summer vacations.

Another great feature of Google Flights is the calendar view. It shows prices for the next two months, so you can choose the cheapest dates. Typically, the cheapest dates are shown in green. It also alerts you to the cheapest dates.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an online travel service that allows users to subscribe to email alerts for the best flight deals. It uses a combination of human flight searchers and software to select the best deals for its subscribers. It’s free to sign up and can be helpful for those who are looking to travel on a budget.

To sign up for an account, simply visit the Scott’s Cheap Flights website. Once you do, you can choose how often you receive email alerts. You can choose to receive emails only when a flight deal is available, or you can choose to receive alerts only when the flight is fully booked. You can even set a date when you want the alerts to stop, if you’d rather not subscribe.

Another perk of this website is its travel planner. This free tool makes organizing your travel plan easy. It helps you build an itinerary with ease and connects you to resources everywhere. You can collaborate with friends and family to make your trip more fun and memorable. Another great feature is the option to share your travel memories with your friends. There’s also an option to save money on airline tickets and hotel rooms. And if you’re not looking for a flight deal, you can create an itinerary to plan your trip on the go.

In addition to the flight search, you can also subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights’ email alerts to receive notification of deals. The service is free to sign up for, and they will email you with a prorated refund if you cancel within 24 hours. Once you’ve signed up, you can also choose to upgrade to premium membership. Premium and Elite memberships come with several benefits, including access to all of the flight deals.

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