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Can I Dump an Old Carpet on the Curb?

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Before thinking of dropping off anything on the curb, it would be best if you exhausted all the other alternatives. Your curb should be the last option on the table for carpet removal. Otherwise, consider calling professionals to haul it away.

In most cases, you’ll throw away your carpet in large quantities. Therefore, local waste management councils rarely accept this. Unless they have specified that they can take it in this state, it’s best to avoid leaving your carpet on the curb.

If your local city regulations are in your favor, consider waiting for the bulk trash pickup date. However, if you have a lot of waste, it’s still advisable that you rent a dumpster. The carpet removal company can facilitate this for you. And later when you’re done, they’ll pick up the waste and haul it away.

Putting Carpet on the Curb

Most, if not all, of the items collected on the curb go to the landfill. Items people throw away on the curb are rarely in any condition to recycle or reuse. Therefore, consider what you throw away on the curb before making that decision, as you might as well be forced to take it back.

You can start by considering whether someone else would love to have that old carpet before throwing it away. You might be shocked when you ask your family members or friends and find out that some are interested in taking the item off your hands.

On the flip side, you can advertise the carpet online or offline to see if any interested buyers will take it. Websites such as Craigslist offer an effective way to sell almost anything online –except a bag of diapers. Offline means you can even include the use of a garage sale. You can plan one on your own, or wait for the estate’s garage sale.

Donation should also be an option on your plate. There’s a thin line between stuff to donate and stuff you need to throw away. Most charitable organizations will pick up your donation and resell it, so that they can gain money to support their activities.

The basic logic behind the donation is to check whether or not you can sell the item. If you can sell it, then it’s equally donate-able. The best part about donations is that they’ll come and pick them up on their own. All you need to fill in your zip code, and they’ll be right there.

Use Recycling Plants after Carpet Removal

You are at liberty to take your old carpet to a recycling plant. Most will take your old rug without any charges, and others will even pay you for it. Just about all types of carpets can go out for recycling. But for those that can’t, you’ll need to visit a landfill to drop them off.

During a recycling procedure, they break down the carpet into plastic pellets or fiber. These pellets or fiber can be used to make other construction products or new carpets all together.

You can search online to get the nearest carpet recycling spot in your area. Some companies will offer pick-up services, for which you’ll have to provide your residence information for.

Contact a Carpet Removal Company

There are tons of carpet removal companies available on your call. However, there’s a difference between the usual carpet removal company and a professional one. You need to ensure that you’re hiring pros for the job.

Everyone may claim to offer effective carpet removal services, but only pros can do the job right. So try and have this in mind when you’re hiring. A good carpet removal company will give you quotes even before they land on site. You only need to describe how your apartment looks, and they’ll handle the rest.

You can opt to rent a dumpster from them and handle the carpet removal project using DIY methods. Once you’re done filling up the container, call the company to come haul it away. The only downside is that you’ll need special tools to remove the carpet on your own. Also, try and factor in the exhaustion, which you can’t avoid when removing the carpet. You’ll need extra labor, probably from friends and family.

What About Landfill?

This option should come last on your list. Most landfills have their own set rules and guidelines on disposal of items. Try and check with your local landfill about their guidelines. Ask whether they’ll take in your old carpet or not. At the very least, this helps you avoid the chance of being sent back with your junk.

For this option, you’ll also need to consider how the carpet gets to the landfill. Are you going to use your truck, or are you hiring a carpet removal company to help?

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, throwing your old rug on the curb isn’t the right thing to do. If you need to dispose of it, use other acceptable carpet removal methods.


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