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Can I Customize My Wedding Ring’s Design?

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One of the most frequent questions we are asked is

 “Can I change my wedding rings?

Wedding rings are symbolic because they bring out emotions. They connote the obligation of you alongside your buddy. They are typically an indication of your commitment and liking to each unique, simultaneously as you praise your First Wedding Anniversary Gift. There is nothing similar to the delight when you pick a wedding band for your wedding or the extreme feelings of taking a gander at the ring that was put on your hand on your big day. Each time you glance at the wedding ring you chose, these feelings are brought back as you recall the value of a tiny jewel.

But, although wedding rings are considered to be symbolism, it isn’t a requirement that they must remain identical for eternity. You are given the option of changing the design of your wedding ring wedding engagement ring for different reasons that are beneficial to you.

An expertly designed redesign could give an old ring a fresh look and remind you of what brought you together initially.

If you’d like to begin the journey of changing your look, contact us by calling Carats and Stones! We’re San Francisco-based jewellery experts who can transform old wedding rings into modern, unique, and distinctive pieces that are a joy to be in love with altogether. The modification is intended for you or someone special to you that you want to pass this piece to. Our jewellers at Carats and Stones will guide each step through the process to design the perfect piece.

Reasons for Redesigning Your Wedding Ring

Many people inquire about changing their wedding rings for various reasons. Depending on the circumstance, these changes can be joyful or sad. For instance, if you need to make a major change following an unplanned divorce or the loss of a loved one, changing your wedding ring may aid in your transition.

However, if you wish to alter your wedding ring, you aren’t required to wait for divorce or lose your spouse. You can redesign it to commemorate a crucial event in your relationship. If you’re celebrating your milestone Silver anniversary, having the ring changed can be an excellent method of renewing your vows to your spouse.

You may be keeping up with the latest fashion trends or have decided to alter your style according to your preferences. Every person’s tastes and preferences evolve, and it’s only natural that you’d want to change an item as significant as a wedding ring in your present fashion.

A different reason to redesign is if you wish to give the ring you received for your wedding to your children in anticipation of the wedding that is coming up. Many people would like a fresh wedding ring, others are drawn to the families by wearing their mother’s or grandparents’ wedding ring.

Check out the following article for additional reasons to change your wedding ring, and to get more ideas regarding this subject, take a look at the Facebook page!Divorce

Aside from updating the look of their ring, some people in the Bay Area and beyond may also want to redesign their wedding ring after the relationship with their ex-spouse ends. People who went through a divorce often have little to no desire to wear their wedding rings.

However, throwing the ring away is impractical, and neither is selling it below its actual value. Having it redesigned is a much better way to change its symbolic meaning.

Redesigning a ring after a divorce or separation can change it from something you hate to something you love again. The redesign can help you move on and restart your life on a beautiful note. 

Moving On After Death

Grieving the death of a friend or family member is an indefinable and deplorable occasion. Specific individuals believe that everything should remain precisely the way things were before to safeguard the memory. For others, making significant changes can help them move on. 

A ring redesign can honour the old memories while creating a new and beautiful memory in their honour. Even just changing the setting or general style of the ring can help it feel special again. You can also redesign your wedding ring into a right-hand ring, especially if you want to create closure after the loss of your spouse.

1st Anniversary Redesign

The anniversary of a marriage is a great incentive to look into a redesign! It’s exciting to celebrate the first anniversary since the marriage has in its beginnings, yet it is also a time to commemorate the first anniversary of your marriage.

In the past, every anniversary was traditionally marked by the same motif. Couples may choose to adhere to the theme of their anniversary and buy each other presents that are consistent with the tradition. The central theme for the anniversary’s first year is paper. Books, notebooks, and wooden clocks are all common presents for the anniversary.

However, if you’re contemplating the wedding ring you’ll wear and the adjustments you’ll be able to modify it to, think about the stones for each year. The first anniversary of a marriage is typically decorated with gold jewellery; however, pearls are a popular alternative. If you’re considering the traditional and fun options to upgrade your wedding ring, you might consider altering the ring with white gold or different gold-coloured elements. The gemstones with a golden shade like amber or citrine amber, can also be used.

You might be uncertain about whether altering your wedding band to stamp your commemoration is fitting. Call 415-875-9438 to talk with one of our specialists.

25th Anniversary Redesign

If you’ve reached the 25th anniversary of your marriage, congrats! A 25th-year marriage is a significant event that merits an extra special celebration. It is also known as the anniversary of silver. As the title suggests, the focus of this year’s anniversary is silver. Its stunning appearance symbolizes the elegance and brilliance that comes from the bond between two people. One way to bring the theme in an overhaul of the wedding ring is to change your wedding ring with a fresh silver band. You could also take the silver from another piece of meaningful jewellery and then melt it into a band that you can incorporate into the wedding rings.

50th Anniversary Redesign

If you’ve come to your 50th celebration, you and your assistant are in it for the extended length! You’ve made it farther than most couples, and that is something to celebrate. Like the first commemoration, the topic of the 50th commemoration is gold.

But this time, you should take your redesign a step further. You’re celebrating 50 years of affection and responsibility. Go for a complete update of your ring, or purchase an all-new fantastic ring and upgrade the ancient one.

Fashion trends

There are myriad motives why those who are considering a web-based change of their wedding ring located in San Francisco. As fashions and seasons change, one of the main reasons people want to alter their wedding rings is because they do not appreciate the style and design of the ring. This is particularly the situation for ladies who have not partaken in purchasing their wedding band.

It isn’t enjoyable for a lady to be given the wedding band of her fantasies, yet it’s not the style she needs. It’s always the intention that counts, and it’s sometimes difficult to decide on the right you want, mainly when the wedding proposal is meant to be a surprise. There’s no reason why not to have her new ring in a fashion that is a good fit for her.

Tastes Change

For some, it appears outdated. Others insist that it’s obsolete and not an accurate reflection of the person they are today. As individuals grow older and develop in their lives, their fashion and items they enjoy shift. When a wedding ring has been worn for a long time, many individuals might be looking to update the look and give it the latest style. A look at rings that have been redesigned before and after will give the impression of how incredible and rejuvenating a revamp could be. Moving away from an appearance that isn’t yours anymore may seem like a breath of fresh air.

The Ring is Given Away the Ring

There’s something extraordinary about passing the wedding ring on to the future generation. It’s more than giving the gift of your love. It bonds generations by creating an irresistible bond. Before you hand the ring to someone else, be sure that it’s correct for the new owner. Generations are different in their fashion choices. Don’t think twice about mixing the styles and changing your wedding ring from the traditional style to one that is trendy.

I Bought A Brand New Ring

When a new couple is married, it is because they’re just beginning to make a name for themselves in the world of work. They’re not able to raise the funds and are unable to afford the dream wedding rings. If this is the case, many couples may decide to purchase higher-end, expensive wedding rings later, nearer the time they can afford the cost. This is a good thing as it prevents people from spending money on something outside their budget.

However, when they finally purchase their ideal wedding rings, what happens to the worn-out rings? Now, they can enjoy themselves and have the wedding rings they had before redesigned!

Redesigning For Different Genders

If you’re modifying rings to hand them over to a member of your family, the ring may not pass to a person of the same gender or gender identity as yours. You should alter the design so that it would fit better or be more suitable for somebody else.

If you’re repurposing a wedding ring for someone who is male, take into consideration the fact that men typically have smaller wedding rings than women. They generally have small stones or the absence of any gemstones. Additionally, men generally have larger hands, and therefore, a larger wedding band is likely to be more comfortable as it won’t scratch their fingers in the same way.

If you hand your wedding ring to a female family member, it will typically be larger in size or more elaborate in style, while the band is likely to be smaller. However, a large ring could be uncomfortable for the hands of a smaller person, considering the dimensions of the stones. If the stones are massive, they might have a chance of striking items and breaking.

In each of these cases, the design and style should be given the lead. Larger wedding rings for women have become more sought-after because they’re more comfortable for certain females. It isn’t necessary to assume that your family members would prefer a particular design due to gender.

Of course, the family member you select to gift the wedding ring may consider themselves nonbinary. In that case, you’re more crucial than ever before to talk with the person you’re thinking about and find out their preferences in style. The ring they want could be feminine or masculine or perhaps a unique mix between the two. Paying attention to your friends and analyzing their wishes and requirements will demonstrate how much you love and respect your loved ones and can help you create the ideal item of jewellery for the person you love. If you are redesigning your jewellery, keep in mind that you could make fresh pieces, including necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and many more!

The benefits of redesigning Your Wedding Ring

Below is an overview of the fantastic benefits of changing wedding rings.


One of the advantages of working with an experienced jeweller is they’ll listen to your thoughts and ideas and work to make them fit within the limits of your budget. They’ll recommend the ideal material and designs for your needs and remain true to your budget and vision.

Redesigning the ring is likely to be less expensive than purchasing an entirely new one. That’s because you already own almost all of the necessary materials! If you’d like to know more about our customized pricing model, reach out right here, and we’ll provide complete details!

Control of the Design

The process of redesigning your wedding ring can be exciting, particularly assuming that you were not engaged with the underlying style or you needed to think twice about a plan that you honestly hated. A decent gem dealer will want to examine the thoughts you have and what sort of look you want to accomplish and will make a ring that accommodates your inclinations. In the event that you have a reasonable thought of what you would like fortune has smiled on you! The jeweller you choose will do all they can to bring your dream to reality.

Work with a Professional of your Choice

Although you may love the wedding ring you chose, there are a few elements that you may like to alter. Consulting with a professional is essential to selecting a wedding ring and a component of redesigning it.

Please find out the words of one of our existing clients about the process of redesigning using Carats and Stones! “A unique and breathtaking journey from beginning to ending. Linda is a fantastic designer and jeweller. She created the perfect family engagement ring for me to marry. In all honesty, I didn’t know where to start looking for an engagement ring until the divine idea came to me through the question How could someone use my parents’ engagement rings and make something specifically for my beloved? After a few minutes, I was off between Carrots and Stone with rings in my hands and ringers crossed. Linda took note of what I was thinking about and then, within a few minutes, started drawing what would become a stunning engagement ring. It is gorgeous beyond description, and it is breathtaking to see. Also, my husband loves the ring.

I’m still unsure what to look for in an engagement ring, but if you need an unforgettable experience as well as an engagement ring, there’s only one choice: Carrots & Stones.

Sincere Gratitude, ~Sandra A.”

The Best Way to Begin Redesigning

There’s no strict or fast rule regarding what people shouldn’t do when changing their wedding rings. Whatever the reason for reworking your wedding rings, the main aspect is that you, as the wearer, are happy with the wedding ring that you’re wearing.

Find Inspiration

The first thing to consider is looking for ideas everywhere. The best source is the web. If you want to change the design of your wedding ring by incorporating different parts to the band, you can take the entire ring and make pieces of jewellery from it. There are no limits to what you can do, as your imagination is your only option in the process of redesigning the wedding ring you have.

Find a Good Jeweler

When you’ve got an idea that you like, the next thing to do is to identify a San Francisco jeweller who’s a great listener, has excellent designs, is a skilled designer with lots of knowledge, and is prepared to design the wedding ring you’ve chosen.

Most of the time, the jeweller creates a fresh 3D model of the wedding ring to help them make the wedding engagement ring. In the planning process, it is essential to inquire about the rings, including the type of metal band and what designs can be incorporated into the wedding ring. In this phase, it is possible to make final changes in the design suggested by the jewellery maker.

Ideas for Redesigning Wedding Ring

There are numerous options for redesigning the wedding engagement ring. There is no set of rules to adhere to, so feel at ease spending more. Here are some ideas about what you can add to the old wedding ring to turn it into something you’ll love.

  • Include other stones: If the wedding ring only has one diamond, consider adding small stones to enhance the look. Also, it adds some shine to your basic wedding band.
  • Adjust the ring’s setting. Sometimes, the ring’s setting appears too essential and is not noticeable from the rest. It is possible to alter the settings of the ring to give it a more contemporary look.
  • Modify the cut of the stone. If you are not happy with the cut of the stone in the wedding band You can request it to be changed or cut with a different stone to the shape you prefer. If you decide to cut the stone those cuts may serve as decorations on the band to not waste all of the diamond.
  • Create a jewellery set out of one ring: If the wedding ring you purchased has multiple stones, like an enormous centre stone, as well as smaller accent stones or smaller stones, it is possible to have the central diamond transformed into a necklace, while smaller stones could be made into earrings. This is an excellent idea to reuse the wedding ring you had for years!
  • Update the band: The band can be changed. There are a variety of ways to modernize the band. Instead of being focused on the style of the band, you can transform it from the basic pure gold band to an angled band. The materials of the band between platinum and gold. Based on the jeweller you choose and the design you want, you may even get extravagant designs incorporated into the band as well as the stone’s carriage.
  • Make it an edgy ring for cocktails. It is particularly true if your wedding ring is made of lots of gemstones that are coloured. It will give your wedding ring a fresh appearance that you can wear every day and feel at ease in wearing it.

The Cost of Redesigning a Wedding Ring

The cost of redesigning the wedding ring are mainly based on the kind of ring, as well as the stones that are involved, as well as the metal that the ring is composed of. An easy redesign can be around the lower hundreds of dollars. A more large-scale redesign can cost you several thousand dollars. Costs can also increase as you add additional components to the brand-new style. Also, adding an entirely new style will be much more costly than making a few changes.

For example, regarding pricing, customers can anticipate starting with a base of $2,800 to $3,000 as the starting point for our revisions. The price will increase or decrease based on a variety of factors. Our team will make sure that you are aware of what you pay for regarding the design, time spent by staff, and the cost of materials before purchase.

For the first step, Carats and Stones, make an appointment, and we’ll get you started with this exciting and memorable experience with you!

Designing your Wedding Ring With Carats and Stones

Do you think about designing your wedding ring for California’s Bay Area? Do not be afraid to get in touch with us!

We offer a range of choices to help you plan your wedding band, one of which is exclusive buying appointments. Pick from 45—to 120-minute appointment times during which Caracts and Stones provide our jewellery specialists (Linda herself is a possibility!) for appointments and trial-on sessions, as well as a high-tea or charcuterie session, invite a guest and many more.

Figure out why the four ages of gems devotees buy from Caracts as well as Stones! In the event that you have any inquiries, reach us today at (415) 875-9438. In the event that you might want to book the chance to have a free meeting with a diamond setter, plan a timeslot here.

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