Branding With Promotional Mugs – Build Long Term Relationships with Custom Drinkware

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Any experienced salesperson understands that planting the first seed of interest in a potential customer is half the battle. Most people bluntly say no to marketing and sales pitches, which makes it challenging to break through to the new customers.

Introducing your potential clients and customers to your brand in a pleasant manner can help you surpass this hurdle. Have you tried using custom drinkware to speed up your business growth? Mugs and drinkware are cost-effective and practical, and they provide an attractive canvas for you to market and advertise your brand message.

When executed in the right manner, promotional drinkware creates awareness in a way that makes the customers want to use your brand. As per the research conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), it is estimated that almost 53 percent of the consumers in the United States own promotional drinkware. And 50 percent of the people who own custom drinkware use it three or four times a week.

The best part about these mugs is that they become a part of your daily routine, flashing your brand and message to a large audience. Create a spark in 2020 by using promotional drinkware to create a buzz about your business.

Reasons to hand out promotional drinkware

Handing out something for free in hopes of getting a new business may seem like a dangerous move. Yet, custom promotional products consecutively lead to drive massive results than other types of advertising. Here are the reasons why you can never go wrong with custom drinkware.

  1. Customers respect value

 Unlike advertisements, promotional products are not noticeable, and they don’t take away from the customer experience. Everyone enjoys a warm beverage from time to time, whether it is tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Custom drinkware provides something of value to the customers, which, in return, inspires your audience to admire and trust your business.

  1. Marketing reach is more than average

Every branding and marketing campaign raises the question, “Am I reaching out to my audience correctly?” In marketing, we are engrossed in creating the perfect conditions to make the customers more responsive. Your message only reaches out to the audience when the motivation and timing are just right.

With promotional products, you are not just asking people to pay upfront or make any possible commitment. Customers have all the reason to decline a free giveaway, so your marketing message is more likely to reach its deliberate audience.

A research survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) suggests that 20 percent of the customers decline to the usage of promotional products. In comparison to the 20 percent, 68 percent of the customers ignore online advertisements, 68 percent turned their back against TV commercials, and 50 percent of the customers ignore unrequested emails.

  1. Freebies provide encouragement

It is a known fact that diplomats distribute gifts before starting complex negotiations. A thoughtful gesture sets a friendly tone for the entire conversation. Give the customers a little reason to let their guard down, and you will not have to work as hard to get a “yes.”

Customers who are not really in the buying mood shut down quickly when they cannot predict that you are after a sale. Custom promotional products also have the same effect. They allow the customer to stay engaged long enough to achieve your designated goal, like attaining the email address of all your possible customers or participants in a survey.

  1. Promotional products increase recognition

If you believe that customers don’t think about your business the moment you pass out a free promotional product, then you are wrong. Out of 10, nine people recall branding the branding on the promotional products, and seven out of 10 remember the call to action.

Having said that, custom drinkware has high potential to get the customers invested in your brand. Serious tea and coffee drinkers enjoy collecting a vast range of mugs. And each time they pour tea or coffee in custom drinkware, your branding is on display for others to see.

Along the lines, it is also imperative to understand that interesting, and uniquely designed mugs make brilliant conversation starters.

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