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Bonds vs stocks trading in Singapore: the differences

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Bonds and stocks trading is a method of investment that allows the investor to own or share part of a company. By purchasing stocks, one can become a shareholder of a particular company. When an investor purchases bonds, they are essentially buying debt from a country, corporation or government at a discounted value which they will get back with interest later on.

In Singapore, investors have multiple options for investing in bonds or stocks, from banks to fund managers and from OTC markets to the SGX Mainboard. Bonds and securities available for trading include treasury bills, corporate debentures, notes, commercial paper, CDs, local and foreign shares, and warrants.

It is beneficial for individual investors to invest in Singapore companies since dividends paid out by these companies are not subjected to withholding tax. In addition, equity transactions on the SGX Mainboard attract a 5% stamp duty while private companies do not have any stamp duties.

The relative benefits of stocks and bonds depending on your investment goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Generally speaking, though, stocks are better-suited for investors looking for capital gains over the long term. At the same time, bonds may be more appropriate for those seeking a steadier stream of income and less volatility.

What are the key differences between these two types of investments?

Bonds vs stocks: volatility

The first significant difference is that bonds are less volatile than stocks. They are generally less risky and a safer investment option. Bonds also tend to generate regular income payments, whereas stocks don’t. It makes them an attractive choice for investors looking for a steady income stream.

On the other hand, stocks offer the potential for greater returns than bonds. It’s because stocks are more volatile and have a greater fluctuation range than bonds. It also means that they are more suited to investors who are willing and able to take on more significant risks to achieve higher returns.

Bonds vs stocks: ease of trading

However, the most significant difference between these two types of investments is how easy it is to trade them. Bonds can be bought and sold through brokers or online platforms. The final difference between stocks and bonds is that the former typically have higher liquidity. This means that they are easier to sell on the market, making it easier for investors to secure profits. On the other hand, there are relatively few ways of buying or selling bonds, making them more challenging to deal with.

Bonds produce regular income payments; stocks don’t

Compared with purchasing equity (like stocks), when someone buys a bond, he is essentially lending money to an organization or government entity for a fixed period at an interest rate determined by the market at the time of purchase. Bonds can be bought and sold through brokers or online platforms.

Choosing between bonds and stocks

When it comes to choosing between stocks and bonds as an investment option, there are a few key things to consider.

What is the time horizon for the investment? Bonds may be a more attractive option for investors with a short time horizon as they typically provide less volatility and offer stability in terms of income. Bonds also hold up better during periods of deflation or recession.

Other factors to consider are the investment’s goal and the investor’s risk tolerance?

Final Word

At their core, stocks and bonds are two different ways to participate in the growth of businesses and economies worldwide. Knowing the basics about each can help you make informed decisions about your investment portfolio and reach your financial goals.

Suppose you want to invest in bonds or stocks in Singapore. In that case, it is essential to seek professional financial advice from an experienced online broker from Saxo Bank before making a final decision. This will help you understand the potential risks involved and your options.

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