Black Hole Hunter

Black Hole Hunter Lyrics — Rasputina | Great American Gingerbread | Track 4

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Black Hole Hunter Lyrics: Black Hole Hunter Song Lyrics is an English song sung by Rasputina from the album Great American Gingerbread: Rasputina Rarities and Neglected Items. Black Hole Hunter Song Track Number 4.

Black Hole Hunter Song Lyrics Details

SongBlack Hole Hunter
AlbumGreat American Gingerbread: Rasputina Rarities and Neglected Items
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

Black Hole Hunter Lyrics

Black Hole Hunter Lyrics

Twelve thousand light years from Earth
At the possible location of ??? outbursts
Ignorant and worn weary, we saw the giant magnet
This remarkable, super-dense object
Was once a giant neutron star

The remnant of a collapsed and molten core
A curious breed of galaxy never seen before
No longer able to support its mass
It’s unleashed ten thousand-trillion watts of noxious gas

Aboard the Black Hol’e Hunter

In very intense but fleeting flashes
Even stars were turned into ashеs
When making the fleeting final appearancе
They beg you: please envision massive collisions

Speed is crucial to the chase
You wanna catch those first few bursts
The unknown looks you in the face
You always wanted to be the first

Swiftly swiveling, directly at the burst position
The machine has made the wrong decision
But it can’t take it back
It turns to point its ocular toward the blast
But that particular action, the protocol says do last

Aboard the Black Hol’e Hunter

Black Hole Hunter Song

Black Hole Hunter Song

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