Best Methods Of Confirming Dated Electrical Installs.

Best Methods Of Confirming Dated Electrical Installs

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Your home electrics are an essential part of your everyday life. The moment you wake up you probably turn on a kettle, perhaps alight, the hairdryer, and an array of other electrical devices. Electricity is an intrinsic part of the way we live. However, most people take this for granted and forget how dangerous electricity can be.

It is always worth remembering that bad wiring causes fires and these can cost people their lives. Although the wiring is an effective and generally safe way of transferring electricity around your home, the system does deteriorate with age. This increases the risk of an issue happening.

The best thing you can do is to get a reputable Sydney electrician to check your electrics annually. They will ensure they are safe, advise you regarding any issues, and even make observations regarding when components or wiring could fail. This will help you to plan and budget to resolve issues.

There are several things that you should look out for that suggest your wiring is dated and needs updating or replacing.

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

If you don’t have circuit breakers fitted then you know your system is old and needs to be completely overhauled. Circuit breakers are designed to switch the power off to a circuit the moment they detect an issue with the supply. They react in a fraction of a second and can save lives.

But, if your breaker is tripping all the time there is an issue, either with the circuit or a specific appliance. You will need to verify which and get the issue resolved.

Sparks Or Tingles

If you see a spark when you plug something in or turn on a light switch this means that the electricity is crossing between the wires. It shouldn’t do this, you have a problem with the electrical circuits.

Alongside the spark, you may notice a tingling sensation when you turn the switch on or off. This is a mild electric shock. It tells you there is an issue and, if you leave it untreated, it will get worse. In fact, it can ultimately give you a lethal electrical shock. Speak to an electrician quickly and avid using that circuit if possible.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are another indication that the power is not moving around your circuits properly. It tells you that there is a problem with the wiring and it needs to be sorted. If left the flickering will get worse, is likely to blow the bulb, and overheat the wiring to cause a fire.


The smell of electrical burning is distinctive and unforgettable. If you notice this then you have an issue with your wiring and need to track down and turn off the offending circuit.

Non-Standard Sockets

In the past, it was standard to have two-pronged sockets. These carried electricity but had no room for an earth connection. This style of socket is no longer used. If you have them in your house then it confirms your wiring is old and needs to be replaced.

Of course, living in the house for a long time and not replacing the wiring will also tell you that it is old and needs checking!

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