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Best Materials to Look for in Premium Clothing 

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When it comes to clothing and fashion, nothing beats Italian finesse and quality. According to Forbes, things manufactured in Italy have earned a label known to have authenticity and fine quality. Being a nation known for fashion, Italy is home to world-class craftsmanship, tailoring, and designs.

If you are starting a clothing business, go Italian. Italian clothing offers more than just a remarkable label. For a women’s fashion clothing business, clothes made in Italy can give your collection a much-needed edge over your competitors, owing to the brand equity Italian artmanship holds worldwide. As you proceed to establish your clothing business, building a network of trusted suppliers like M made in Italy clothing would allow you to pay less for top-notch quality clothing. If you are new to the clothing industry, below are four fundamental materials to look for in premium quality clothing from your suppliers.


Fashion with comfort is always a boon. When it comes to shopping for clothes, everyone wants to opt for durable and comfortable fabric. Nothing beats the durability and comfort linen offers. With a linen-based fabric, you can expect your clothes to last longer and withstand plenty of washes without losing quality over the years while also giving you a comfortable experience.

Additionally, linen is every clothing manufacturer’s best friend as it is a highly absorbent fabric which makes it absorb dyes easily. Furthermore, linen fabric is versatile, durable, and sustainable, so you don’t have to worry about its colors fading away any time soon.


Another important thing people should look for in premium quality clothing is good absorption. If you live in a humid environment, you might want to opt for clothes with cooling materials such as viscose. Viscose resembles cotton. However, the absorbency rate of viscose-based clothing can be better than cotton-based clothing.

Also, Viscose-based clothing is known to have a brighter colored fabric. So if you are into bright colors, considering viscose-based clothing would be great. Moreover, viscose cloth is a sustainable raw material often paired with other textile materials such as polyester and cotton.


While linen and viscose are breathable materials, silk provides you with elegance and your skin unmatched comfort. Silk is even said to be an excellent option for people with skin asthma and eczema. In addition, silk is undeniably the most hypoallergenic of all available types of fabric in the market.

If you want to feel extra luxurious and comfortable, opting for silk might be the best idea. Garments made of silk helps provide thermal balance as it keeps you cool on humid days and does a good job at maintaining your body heat in colder seasons.


No matter where you are in the world, cotton-based clothing is a must-have in every closet. Everyone knows how comfortable cotton materials can be on the skin. So whether you are looking for a plain shirt or a nice sweater, you can expect the quality of cotton-based Italian clothing to be exceptional.

Moreover, cotton has great tensile strength, which means cotton-based clothing is not only comfortable to wear but is also strong and durable enough to stand the test of time as it successfully resists ripping and tearing throughout the years.

While the highly dynamic clothing industry up-grades its trends every now and then, you can expect linen, viscose, silk, and cotton to always find a formidable space in fashion. Further, with the help of high-quality garment vendors like M made in Italy clothing that maintain Italian fashion standards, you can explore a wide variety of quality clothes made with the best fabrics. The clothing business is all about beauty, comfort, and style. To set up a thriving business, connecting with wholesale vendors that provide you with the best products, meeting international standards can be a great step for your venture.

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