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BaddieHub Anthem Lyrics – Plaqueboymax | Baddie Hub Anthem (Freestyle) | 2023

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BaddieHub Anthem LyricsBaddieHub Anthem Song Lyrics is an English song sung by Plaqueboymax from the album BaddieHub Anthem (Freestyle)BaddieHub Anthem Song Released on january 12, 2023.

BaddieHub Anthem Song Lyrics Details

AlbumBaddie Hub Anthem (Freestyle)
Released12 Jan 2023
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

BaddieHub Anthem Lyrics

BaddieHub Anthem Lyrics


Stupid, fuck you talkin bout’
I really fuck with BaddieHub though
Ay, you saw that new BaddieHub video? (Shoutout BaddieHub)
Nigga, I was in that bitch (Shouout BaddieHub)
Refreshin’ and waiting for that BaddieHub

You know what I’m sayin’? I was waiting for that BaddieHub video
Look, look
PornHub K, I don’t play ’bout my fucking porn
You on XVideos, lil’ bro, what the fuck you doin’?
I’m a BaddieHub bandit, nigga, BaddieHub thug, nigga
You on BangBros, nigga, I can’t show no love, nigga

I beat my meat, a fact, I see a BaddieHub bitch, I’m breaking her back
We watching Pornhub, don’t lack
Feel like I’m gay, just the way that I came with the strap
Hold on, that’s yo’ hoe? She on BaddieHub, she a bad bitch
Same flow, finna take this BaddieHub shit

You on SpankBang, I should spank his ass like, “Fuck you doin’, bitch?”
You on OnlyFans, I should rob his ass, that nigga must be rich
You on Twitter, nigga, like what you doin’, just go on BaddieHub
You heard this song, nigga, like what the fuck is you doin’, nigga, go on BaddieHub

I might grab that lotion, huh, bad bitch givin’ motion, huh
I’m on BaddieHub, huh, ho, I thought you noticed, huh
You on PornHub, I’m like, “Boy, you is a loser”
Fuck XVideos, that website, I snoozed it, huh

I might fuck this ho ’cause I heard that she a chooser, huh
Site that BaddieHub, that’s my bag, I’ma use it, huh
I don’t fuck with OnlyFans, I don’t even use it, huh
If you on Reddit, huh, you must be a loser, huh Hahaha

Seven A.M. Sharp, refreshin’ the Hub
I’m not talkin ’bout PH, I beat yo’ ass, just give it up
Right hand with some lotion, I don’t need no love
I don’t need to fuck, just wanna see Ash Kash suck
Wanna see bad bitches throw it, all these other sites got no motion
Put a K behind that shit, if it’s not Baddie I’m not going

Best site on the planet, I’m a BaddieHub bandit
I’m a BaddieHub bandit, If it’s a good night, beat it two handed
PornHub to my dick, I can’t sit through that fucking shit
Catch me with yo’ bitch, BaddieHub, yeah, she giving spits
She don’t fuck with you, beat yo’ meat to nudes on fucking Snap Grow up, lil’ nigga, BaddieHub the best,

I can’t even cap
Hold up, get off of twitter, lil’ nigga
All of my niggas is TwitterK, bitch, that’s the scripture
Saturday night, I be wanking my shit off the liquor

Beating my muhfuckin’ meat, niggas know I’m the victim BaddieHub only, I cannot jerk off to pictures
I cannot jerk off to XVids i can not jerk off to Vidsto
I cannot jerk off to BangBros, I cannot jerk off to Strippers
If it’s not BaddieHub, bitch, I’ma quit it

BaddieHub Anthem Song

BaddieHub Plaqueboymax Song

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