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Renowned for her skill and charisma, Indian entertainment industry star Arishfa Khan has enthralled audiences for years. She started her path to fame at an early age. She was born on April 3, 2003, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Arishfa, who became well-known via social media sites like TikTok, soon gathered a sizable fan base by demonstrating her talent as an actor and social media influencer.

Arishfa Khan Photo

Arishfa has starred in several films and television series and is well-known due to her elegant style and mesmerizing performances. Apart from her career pursuits, she is renowned for her charitable work, utilizing her influence to promote social causes that are important to her.


Full NameSayyed Arishfa khan 
Nick NameArishfa
Born (Arishfa Khan Date of Birth)3rd April 2003
Age (as 2024)20 
Native placeShahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. India 
Zodiac SignAries  
HometownShahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. India
Hobbies/HabitsDancing and making videos on TikTok 
Food HabitNon vegetarian 
SchoolRyan international School 
CollegeYet to go 
Profession Actor and Influencer
Arishfa Khan Father’s NameRashid Khan 
Arishfa Khan Mother’s NameArshi Naz 
Number of siblings1 sister
Arishfa Khan Sister Name Arisha Khan 


Arishfa Khan Birthday3rd April

Physical Stats

Eye ColourBlack 
Hair ColourBlack 


Arishfa Khan Age 20


Arishfa Khan Weight 53kg
Wight in Pounds 116 lbs 


Arishfa Khan Height 5.5”
Height in centimeter 165 cm 
Height in meter 1.65 m


Arishfa Khan School nameRyan International School 
University name Yet to go 

Arishfa Khan Pics

Arishfa Khan Pics

Arishfa Khan Pic

Relationship Status

People who hold Arishfa Khan in high regard often ask her about her personal life, particularly her adored matters. While her love life remains shrouded in mystery, there are ongoing rumors and speculations about her accomplice and sentimental connections within the media and on social media.

In spite of the interest encompassing her cherished life, Arishfa would prefer to keep it calm. Perhaps she would prioritize her job and personal development over pursuing her passion. In spite of this, her admirers proceed to bolster her and commend her choices with respect to her connections and boundaries.

It seems that Arishfa’s determination to adapt to her personal and professional lives suggests that she’ll be an accomplished and confident individual

Marital StatusUnmarried 


Arishfa Khan, who was born on April 3, 2003, is 21, a long time ancient at this time. Khan was born on April 3, 2003. Although she’s young, her role in the fun industry now involves working as a family member. Arishfa was born into a close-knit family in Shahjahanpur.

Arishfa Khan Family

It is obvious that her family individuals have been imperative in her career and making a difference in her reach her objectives. Her family’s support has made her a well-known figure in the excitement industry. She communicates appreciation to her family and fans, indeed in spite of the fact that she includes an active plan and is getting to be more famous.


In the entertainment business, Arishfa Khan’s professional path is evidence of her skill and adaptability. Her charmed fabric and personality won over millions of hearts even in the absence of absent ones. Arishfa got to be exceptionally prevalent on social media and rapidly began working in TV. Her performance remained strong in that place. Her enormous execution as an on-screen character made her popular and earned her praise and unused openings. 

Since her impressive performances, Arishfa has been widely recognized on television. She has shown her flexibility as a performing artist by captivating watchers with each motion picture. Various roles are played by her while mimicking everyday characters. Arishfa’s career has developed as she has wandered into film and TV. Her entry into the movie industry has demonstrated her acting prowess and adaptability even more, winning her praise and respect from both critics and crowds. 

Arishfa’s work is still developing; every new project she takes on highlights her development and variety as a creative. She wants to keep pushing herself artistically because she hopes to have a good future and be known as a talented person in the business


Arishfa Khan became very popular on social media because of her natural abilities and charming personality. She gained a lot of followers and impressed people all over the world with her interesting ideas and friendly personality. She became very popular on TikTok by posting pictures of her hair that people liked. She gained respect and admiration because of her charming disposition and unmistakable style. This made her stand out in a computerized world. With the help of thousands of TikTok supporters, Arishfa was able to change the online culture and leave a lasting impression.

Shows on TV

She has made a lasting impression on television with her captivating character and impressive acting skills. Numerous of her popular tv appearances have captivated fans with her shifted exhibitions. Gunjan’s exhibitions were among her most surprising.

The role played by Kashish and Veera in “Father By Chance” has earned Arishfa recognition as a proficient performance artist, who is highly respected by both analysts and viewers, for her performances. Her work on the little screen proceeds to be recognized and acknowledged by fans, assisting in cementing her status as a rising star.

Social Media

KulFiyArishfa Khan
LinkedIn NA
Pinterest NA

Early Life

A fantastic career in the entertainment sector was made possible by Arishfa Khan’s upbringing and early childhood. Her family was encouraging and knew she had a gift for performing arts from an early age. She was born on April 3, 2003, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Arishfa started developing her skills and competing locally after receiving support from her loved ones. 

Her willpower and persistence carried her over the early difficulties. Arishfa distinguished herself among her peers as she got older, thanks to her natural skill and perseverance. Her childhood gave her a strong work ethic and a profound respect for the performing profession. Her ultimate rise to fame was paved with these early years, which also shaped her into the skilled actor and influencer she is today.


Like numerous open stars, Arishfa Khan has experienced her reasonable share of challenges and contentions all through her proficient life. A few deterrents have been overcome with beauty and quality, counting exploring the requests of acclaim and open and media investigation.

Despite the differences in the details of the challenges and clashes, Arishfa’s ability to remain grounded in reality and avoid confrontation is impressive. She’s committed to her make and remains centered, indeed when things go off-base.

As she confronts obstacles, her determination and stance become more determined. Arishfa’s capacity to handle challenges with balance and genuineness shows her character grit and perseverance.

Fashion and Style

Design significant others and fans have appeared with regard and consideration to Arishfa Khan’s sense of fashion. Her immaculate sense of design, which she expertly mixes with a modern bend, sets the pace and rouses her devotees.

Arishfa’s unmistakable sense of style, which never fails to impress, makes her a fashion icon. She reliably makes an explanation with her dress, showing her flexibility and sense of mold, whether she’s shaking chic outfits or cutting-edge casual wear. The way Arishfa always puts her clothes on is a clear indication of her fashion sense, which never fails to impress.


Some unknown facts about the Arishfa Khan are:

Even though she works a lot in the entertainment industry, she still wants to go to school. She says it’s important to balance school and work, which shows that she really wants to improve herself. She is dedicated to growing and developing herself.

Arishfa can speak many languages, like Hindi, English, and Urdu. Her fluency in English allows her to connect with different people and find potential outcomes that go beyond national borders.

She likes to explore contemporary goals and meet people from different cultures. She finds inspiration and a sense of calmness when she travels.

Arishfa puts wellbeing and well-being to begin with, doing customary workouts and eating right. She frequently leaves her workout routines and wellness journey to remind fans of their own well-being. She frequently shows up to her fans after her workouts and wellness journey.

A little town young lady turned well-known identity within the exciting world is proof of her relentlessness and immovable soul. There is no limit to the potential outcomes of this young talent in giftedness, skills, and talents, as her star is now radiant and more brilliant than ever.


Arishfa Khan Whatsapp NumberNA

Net Worth

Arishfa Khan’s way of entertaining has led to his reputation and positive outcomes. She has a few wanders and supports to her credit. There are more than 1.1 billion likes on TikTok, which has more than 28 million adherents.

There are 28 million followers on Instagram, 12 million on Facebook, 11 million on the Moj app, 3.1 million subscribers on Snapchat, 2.54 million on YouTube, and millions of followers on other social media platforms. Her clientele includes several well-known companies and numerous live performances, among which are several well-known companies.

Net Worth 2020Unknown 
Net Worth 2021Unknown 
Net Worth 2022Unknown 
Net Worth 2023Unknown 
Arishfa Khan Net Worth 2024Approx. $1 million 


Who is arishfa khan?

She is well-known for her contributions to social media and television in the Indian entertainment scene.

What is arishfa Khan’s age?

Arishfa Khan is 21 years old today, having been born on April 3, 2003.

What’s in my bag with arishfa khan?

Arishfa Khan makes videos called “What’s in My Bag” that show what she keeps in her bag.

Why is Arishfa Khan famous?

Arishfa Khan became well-known because of her interesting appearance on social media sites like TikTok and her good TV show. She is liked by many people because she is skilled, charming, and kind.

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