AI vs Machine Learning

AI vs Machine Learning

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When you think of AI, do you think of the futuristic films where robots have taken over the world? Conversely, do you realise that AI is already all around us? There are software companies in New York, California and essentially all over the world researching, developing and selling AI technology to businesses in every sector.

The terms artificial intelligence and machine learning are often used interchangeably. However machine learning is in fact a subset of artificial intelligence. AI refers to computer programs that copy human behaviour. On the other hand, machine learning develops computer programs that evolve through their interaction with the world. The idea is that software can adapt in much the same way that a child learns not to touch a hot lightbulb after being burnt once.

How did it all start?

AI still seems like something from the future for some of us. Nevertheless, the term was actually thought up as far back as the 50s. John McCarthy was an American computer and cognitive scientist who proposed the term when developing various programming languages. From then on, the industry thrived with software companies in New York and California. These of course include the now well-known names of IBM and Microsoft. However, around the early 2000s, everything slowed down due to a major roadblock. We’d reached our limit because we could no longer increase computer storage. Today, however, we’ve pushed through that issue with some incredible technologies. These include using quantum theory and it essentially means that we now happily own gigabytes of data in our devices.

Today, we therefore have, for example, driverless cars, medical diagnostics and speech recognition. Software companies in New York and across the world are responsible for developing such applications. Today, AI and machine learning even exists across all sectors, including finance, insurance, security, industrials and even human resources. Although, of course some of this technology is still work in progress. For example, Amazon had to recently stop using their AI recruiting tool because they found it was discriminating against women.

Why is AI Exciting and What are Software Companies in New York Involved In?

Interestingly, there’s also a lot of meaningless buzz around AI. It’s too easy to have a computer program and slap on an AI sticker. However, there are some companies out there making a real difference to people’s lives and the way we do business. Whether they’re looking at retail sales, inventory data or customer satisfaction, businesses can be more effective with AI. This means that they can be more tailored to what the individual wants and needs.

Last year Forbes put together a list of 50 of the top private, US-based companies that were making a difference to business. 4 out of the 50 are software companies in New York. The rest are based in California, Seattle, Boston, Massachusetts, Michigan and 1 in Texas. These companies have a range of very exciting products. For example, improving customers satisfaction in homeowners insurance, using statistics to preempt humanitarian crises as well as easing personal loan application processes. From a business point of view there are also software security and manufacturing applications that reduce quality risk and human injuries.

What does this mean for humans?

Naturally, many people worry about what this means for their jobs and their day-to-day lives. However, the 5th Revolution is now on the horizon and starting to push for humans and machines to collaborate. This will naturally put pressure on companies to be socially responsible.

The question of jobs is a contentious subject. This is because every revolution doesn’t just come with advantages. There are countless examples in history where progress has been painful, with dire effects, for so many. We all know those towns and cities that were once thriving but are now closer to resembling a waste land because their core industry disappeared. It’s tragic that, in the name of progress, we often forget the human element and just how many people will suffer. Like every challenge that life throws at us though, we have an amazing ability to adapt as a species. That means that we all have it in us to learn new skills. This is true for everyone, even if that seems like an impossible task at times.

Conclusions on AI and Software Companies in New York

All revolutions come with pros and cons. For those who get excited about technology and the endless possibilities that we can create then it’s very exciting. For others, of course it’s daunting. Luckily there has been a shift in how software companies in New York and elsewhere use AI technology. With the advent of the 5th revolution, they are starting to put humans back at the centre.

Furthermore, it’s reassuring that businesses can’t truly develop AI properly without psychologists. This is because of how the technology mimics our neural connections in the brain. The great thing about having psychologists onboard is that they will keep asking questions about ethics and morals. We should never forget our humanity.

Finally, let’s remember that machines are still a million miles away from replicating the complexities of the human brain which we don’t even fully understand ourselves. If nothing else, that will help us slow down and make sure we take the time to remember that the good of humans should always be a core priority. In the meantime, we can enjoy today’s huge improvements to our everyday lives and work with those businesses who are trying to do the right thing by all of us.

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