About Storm International. Results and plans for the near future 

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The well-known operator Storm International started its career on the market back in 1992. For more than 30 years of work, the holding has achieved significant results. Millions of players around the world have appreciated its ground facilities and virtual platform. After analyzing the results of recent years, the management decided to expand the brand in 2023.

The results that the holding showed in a difficult 2022 were a key moment in this decision. So what are the achievements? What happened to the gaming complexes of the company over the past year? And what can we expect?

The war on the territory of Ukraine undoubtedly left its mark on the work of the holding as a whole. In this difficult situation, the brand team had to show all their professional qualities, – the director of Shangri La, Darren Keane, shares his impressions. And the efforts of the team were not in vain, the company continued its successful work.

As 2022 showed, well-coordinated teamwork has become a determining factor in the effective operation of the brand. The company was able to achieve maximum results in a minimum period of time. A common goal, motivation, and awareness helped the holding not only stay afloat but also move forward rapidly.

In 2022, the Georgian branch of the brand has proven itself especially well. Shangri La Tbilisi has long been a landmark not only of the capital of Georgia but of the whole country. It is no coincidence that the complex regularly receives the title of the best casino in Georgia. Ambitious goals have also been set for 2023, which will undoubtedly be achieved.

Particular attention in 2022 was focused on the brand’s gaming complexes in Ukraine. The war did not allow for many months to fully work. But the day came when the team of the Ukrainian branch was able to restart luxury casino in the most beautiful, historical place in Kyiv. Several gaming clubs were also opened in Kharkiv.

The Armenian Shangri La, Darren Keane said, has achieved phenomenal results. In October 2022, the gambling house in Yerevan was restarted. Local players got access to the top-level service. Thanks to high customer ratings, the complex returned to its pre-war performance.

The gaming complexes of the brand in Germany also proved to be worthy. The positive dynamics of business results allow the management of the company to look to the future with optimism. An expansion of the German units is planned for 2023. This will have a positive impact on the further growth of the German branch of the holding.

The brand’s virtual project, Shangri La Live, is also showing growth. The site consistently reaches the top ratings and continues to develop. The offer is actively expanding. The gaming platform has new providers and hundreds of new releases. Better slots, lucrative bonuses, new tables in live casino, and new types of bets in the bookmaker – this is just the beginning of the expansion.

The friendly team of Storm International does not look back and boldly moves forward. The company is confident that it is necessary to expand further and build on the successes already achieved. The brand team in 2023 will do everything necessary for this.

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