Comprehensive Guide To Studying Abroad

A Comprehensive Guide To Studying Abroad 

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Perhaps you have already decided and even booked your place at an international school? Alternatively, maybe you are currently researching the benefits of sending your child or children to a school abroad?

Either way, when researching your options, it can often be somewhat bamboozling when it comes to discovering the best school and how best to prepare. So here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is a comprehensive guide to studying abroad for you and your family.

Always Visit The Institution Wherever Possible

Obviously, it is not always feasible for everyone to visit their proposed international school before they commence their first year.

However, wherever possible, it would be incredibly useful for not only yourself but other family members (and obviously your child or children if they are the ones who will be attending) to physically tour around the building and speak to both staff and current students.

Ask Advice From Current Teachers & Educational Professionals

Another excellent way of preparing yourself, as much as feasibly possible, for life studying abroad at a renowned and respected international school such as Rugby School Thailand, is to ask the advice and for guidance from professors, teachers and other educational professionals, this country, that you know and trust.

As with many other areas of modern life, the more contrasting opinions and points of view you gather from the people around you, the more educated your informed decision will be and the better prepared you will become.

Foster A Culture Of Independence

If it is your child or children who are shortly due to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and study abroad for a year or more, or else it is yourself who is shortly starting internationals school, then you should start to encourage and develop or else implement into your daily routine independence respectively.

For adults, there is a myriad of ways to become more independent in your normal daily life, including but certainly in no way limited to, the following:

  • Focus on aspects of yourself that you are proud of and that you admire
  • Learn simple and quick self-care routines
  • Be sure to make more firm decisions and generally be more decisive, both professionally and personally
  • Take some time, every day, for alone time to reflect and collect your thoughts
  • Stop doing things just because you ‘feel you should’

Your Basic Checklist For Studying Abroad

  • Ensure all documentation is printed and not just saved on your smartphone
  • Purchase plane tickets well ahead of time
  • If not boarding, ensure your accommodation is also booked in plenty of time
  • Invest in a backpack that is designed with security and safety in mind
  • Ensure you have had all travel and vaccination checks in good time
  • Contact your bank and alert them of your change in location
  • Check you have enough prescription medications and other necessities
  • Learn the basic phrases and words in the new language (if applicable)
  • Purchase student health insurance of the highest quality
  • Purchase travel insurance of the highest quality

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