A Beginner’s Guide To Beer Cocktails In 2021 According To Mixologists

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Our love for beer continues to grow. Few worthy substitutes can challenge a chilled glass of beer on a warm sunny day. Just like the best single malts and tequila, beer is one drink that you can enjoy without anything else to complement it.

However, with so many brands, flavor profiles, and types available to bartenders and mixologists, it is no secret that beer cocktails are gaining in popularity everywhere you look.

With the millennial’s love for experimentation reaching its zenith, everyone from dads who specialize in DIY projects to Michelin Star restaurants, almost everyone is getting in on the act of beer cocktails.

We take help from leading experts at Melvin Brewing to try and understand how Beer Cocktails work and is there something behind all the smoke.

Why have Beer Cocktails become Popular in Recent Years?

Let us begin with the obvious fact. In the last few years, a lot of innovations have taken place in the world of beer brewing. From the explosion of the Craft Beer community to experiments in supper hoppy ales, the vibrancy of the beer ecosystem has exploded!

Spicy, tangy, sour, and sweet; our beers now come in the most extensive flavors. This has given wings to the cocktail community that has always been one step ahead of everyone.

Even experts like Melvin Brewing point out that the beer cocktail culture has been led by cocktail specialists and not the beer community per se. If you were to ask a bartender about a beer cocktail a decade back, he or she would give you a highly judgmental look.

The advent of the cool and laid-back club and lounge culture, with a younger demographic and a willingness to experiment, can be credited for the exposure.

List of Top 3 Beer Cocktails you can create in your home

1. Michelada

One thing that comes to mind whenever the word Michelada is said is bold flavors. It is a distinct Mexican flavor. Use a cold light beer, fresh lime juice, and go bold with some hot sauce. You get the acidity levels and the punch of heat. However, the lime helps cut through it all. Finally, the cold beer leaves your palette clean wanting more. Serve chill on a tall glass.

2. Shandy

Probably the oldest of all beer cocktails known to man. It is super easy to make and requires just two major ingredients- beer and carbonated lemon soda. For the right balance, use both the ingredients in a 50-50 percent if the lemon does not have a too strong flavor. Use IPAs that are not too heavy on flavors or even larger for a smoother and cleaner feel. Very refreshing!

3. Radler

Another popular beer cocktail that has made it to the world of fine dining as well. Many people equate both Shandy and Radler as the same. However, there is a simple, yet comprehensive difference between the two. While a Shandy uses carbonated lemon soda, a Radler typically employs a potent lemonade to create a relaxed and refreshing feel.

All the above beer cocktails can be typically called 1.0. These are simple preparations that you can easily create at home and enjoy with your friends and family members.

The Final Word

When it comes to beer cocktails, your best bet is going simple. You need to remember is already a brewed beverage, meaning it packs a lot of flavors as it is. If you try to use too many beverages, accessories, and spices, you are likely to end up creating an unpalatable flavor profile. The key is to go with simple things to heighten the beer flavor, without taking anything away from it.

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