Pregnancy Gift Ideas

7 Trendy Pregnancy Gift Ideas For First-Time Moms

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Got an invitation for a friend’s baby shower? Planning to visit your expectant sister with a gift? Or did you just discover, secretly, your wife’s plans to surprise you with the good news of you becoming a father? Whatever the situation, are you keenly looking for pregnancy gift ideas for first-time mommies?

In this article, we will take you through the list of well-thought-out gifts for the lovely pregnant woman around you. Hope it helps you pick the best one!

Gift Idea #1: Pregnancy Books

Gifting a bunch of pregnancy-related books can be a perfect idea. It will be a top-up if the soon-to-be mommy is fond of reading. Moreover, books make the best companions and will help to keep the new mommies happy, motivated and informed during their long, wonderful pregnancy journey. Do you agree with us?

Gift Idea #2: Maternity Photo Shoot

Are you in search of a thoughtful and personalised gift? Pictures accomplish that perfectly! They bring back wonderful memories and can bring us closer to our loved ones. Therefore, we suggest you plan for a maternity photo shoot for the mom-to-be when she has a baby bump to flaunt. You can search online for the top pregnancy photographers, schedule the photo session and plan it accordingly. Memories are the best present, right? So, go for it!

Gift Idea #3: U-Shaped Pillow

U-Shaped Pillow

One of a super-thought gift – a specially curated pillow for pregnant moms. Some women aren’t that vocal about the challenges they are experiencing but believe us, they need all the support, love and care. Pregnant women go through pain, and discomfort, and struggle with sleeping postures because of the growing fetus in their womb. Created for maximum comfort, this ergonomically designed U-shaped maternity pillow is versatile enough to serve multiple purposes like helping them read, sleep, nurse, and rest in better/comfortable positions.

Gift Idea #4: Online/Offline Yoga Courses

Online Offline Yoga Courses

Gift health and wellness to the to-be-mum! Nice, isn’t it? There are many offline and online yoga courses available that a pregnant mum can enrol in. They offer a comprehensive approach to health and relaxation, specifically tailored to meet the demands of expectant mothers. Additionally, they give women a secure and supportive environment to connect with their evolving bodies and get ready for the amazing journey that lies ahead.

Gift Idea #5: Diaper-Changing Station

Looking for a pregnancy gift idea that is both practical and functional? Go for a portable diaper changing station. Post-delivery, the new mum will require this item the most. It has everything they need for a quick diaper change, including wet wipes, rash cream, dry sheet changes, and diapers. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is an ideal pregnancy gift idea for an expectant mum. So, what do you think about this gift?

Gift Idea #6: LifeCell’s Stem Cell Banking Plan

LifeCell’s Stem

Searching for a present that would speak to her heart directly? Assuming your wife is ready to give birth, how about securing your family’s and baby’s overall health and well-being? Seems intriguing? Thinking about how you can do that? We’ll tell you. Have you heard of stem cell banking?

Did you know the umbilical cord that was once being discarded has the potential to protect your baby and family from the impact of many medical conditions? There are many stem cell banks out there, but we recommend you go with LifeCell’s Stem Cell Banking as it comes with many benefits that other banks don’t.

LifeCell is India’s largest community stem cell bank, with a 75k cord blood registry, >98% chances of finding the stem cell match if the need ever arises and also offers 20L financial assistance in case of a stem cell transplant depending on the case! Moreover, the stem cell collection procedure is safe and painless and these preserved stem cells have the potential to shield your entire family: parents, siblings, and both paternal and maternal grandparents from the impact of over 80 medical conditions. Doesn’t it sound like the ideal present?

Want to learn more about the benefits of stem cell banking, visit or call 1800-266-5533.

Gift Idea #7: Book A Salon Appointment

Make an appointment in a posh and opulent salon to treat the new mommy! Make her feel like a queen.  Get her nails done, a good facial, style her hair at a nice hair spa, or whatever else she enjoys and wishes for. Gifting her a salon appointment surely is one of the best pregnancy gift ideas.

The Final Note!

Folks, there you have it! We really hope you had fun looking through our selection of pregnancy gift ideas for expectant women. Hope you found the gift you were looking for. What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and make the mamma bear happy!

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