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7 Things You Should Consider to Buy Water Dispenser

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Having a water distribution system in your home or business has many advantages. They produce clean, high-quality water, are practical, encourage everyone to drink more, save money, reduce waste and reduce their carbon footprint using less bottled water.

Some people may need a water cooler because they don’t have drinking water, while others may purchase a dispensing system that suits their taste preferences. Let us know all the things you need to consider while buying a water dispenser for your home or office.

Water temperature

Before buying a water dispenser, think about the temperature you prefer for your water. Do you like the room temperature, do you also use your dispenser to make hot tea or instant coffee, or do you need ice water after your workout? Based on the answers to these questions, review each dispenser model to see if there are multiple temperature settings to choose from.

Is the dispenser hot and cold? Can you configure the system so that the water is only at room temperature? All the right questions to consider before purchasing. You don’t want to add ice or heat your water later – the easier it is to access the water at the perfect temperature, the better.

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Many refrigerators or water dispensers accommodate standard 2, 4, and 5-gallon pre-filled plastic water bottles. However, you need to confirm this before purchasing. Others, especially bench models, are limited to smaller bottles. Although not recommended, these large plastic bottles can be filled manually with drinking water and reused. However, always disinfect your bottle with a solution of water and a little bleach before filling it. A good conditioner is essential.

Energy consumption

Different models have different capacities to maintain different water temperatures. The colder the water, the greater the energy consumption of a dispenser. You may want to know more about the size and type of compressor used in a water dispenser to learn more about its cooling capacity. If you are in a very cold area and rarely need very cold water, choose a device with a smaller compressor and vice versa.

Devices that dispense cold and hot water also use more energy than devices that dispense only cold water. You need to review the parameters that indicate the water cooling and heating capacity of a dispenser to determine the most efficient one. Compare the cooling and heating performance of different models.

Locks for children

Child safety locks are an important safety feature in your water dispenser and are especially important in stand-alone projects and table buildings where taps are easily accessible for young children. This not only saves valuable cold water but also avoids cleaning up any spilled water.

Ease of use and maintenance

You need to check the distance between the drip tray and the water outlet. The best water dispensers offer enough space between the drip tray and the water outlet to fill water bottles, tall glasses, etc. A dispensing spout must also be small enough to fit in a water bottle.

When it comes to maintenance, choose a device that is easy to maintain. Typically, water dispensers are low-maintenance units, but you should always keep them clean. Devices with a removable drip tray facilitate the cleaning process. In addition, dispensers with low-quality filters require regular maintenance as they require frequent filter changes.


You can choose water dispensers with or without filtering function. There are several filter systems that come with water dispensers. For particularly clean and cold water, you can buy a water cooler with filters, such as activated carbon filters, UV filters, water distillers, etc.

External mounting

A water cooler with stainless steel housing should be preferable to a plastic tank to avoid the taste of plastic in drinking water. The plastic taste is common in most plastic body water dispensers. Stainless steel housing offers you the taste of natural water. The plumbed in water coolers come in both plastic and steel housing.

Final Words

These are the important factors that you should look for in a water dispenser. Don’t forget to check the type of filter system used in the dispenser. Also, the price and maintenance costs are important as regular maintenance keeps it in proper working condition and enhances its life.

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