6 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Yacht with a Crew

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If you are one of those love loves to sail in the calm waters, then Dubai should be on top of the list as it offers the best of both worlds. Whether you want to relax or have some fun with friends or party all night, yacht charter in Dubai has you covered.

While most tourists might be busy with other things to do in Dubai, you can charter a yacht and experience Dubai from a whole new perspective. Yes, they might be seeing Dubai from the heights of Burj Khalifa, but you might be seeing Dubai up close and personal and appreciate its modern architectural marvels. You might be tempted to go alone but it is better to book a yacht charter with a crew. Here is why.

In this article, you will learn about six reasons why you should charter a yacht with a crew?

1. Experienced Captain

When you charter a yacht in Dubai with a crew, you also get an experienced captain. They know Dubai waters like a palm of their hands and the year of experience behind their back means that you are in safe hands. What’s more, they know about the best routes so they will follow the best route which would enable you to see the best spots along the way. What’s more, they can also take you to a place where you can take a deep dive into ocean, which won’t be possible without an experienced captain. You also don’t have to worry about any issues as the captain will take care of it.

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2. Clear Itinerary

If you are an organized person, you will love to have a clear schedule for each day. With a crewed yacht charter, you get that. You can plan activities and destination for every day well in advance and prepare for it. This not only allows you to enjoy the trip even more but also let you see more in less time. The best part, you can change the schedule according to your needs, which makes it even more flexible than cruise trips. This prevents any unexpected surprises and helps your trip to go according to the plan.

3. Professional Chef

If you have opted for crewed yacht charter, you will also get a professional chef too. If you are a foodie like me who is choosy when it comes to food and taste, you know how important it is to have a great chef on board. Having a great menu and taste is a blessing will make your yacht charter even more memorable and this would only be possible if you have an experienced chef onboard. On the contrary, tasteless food can make your yacht charter trip memorable and you will pray it ends soon you don’t have to take another meal on board. You don’t want to be stuck in a later situation.

4. On-Board Activities

The best thing about chartering a yacht is that it gives you freedom. You can perform activities you want on it. Whether you want to relax, spend a night partying, dance to your favourite tunes or indulge in some deep-sea diving, you can do it all. What’s even better is that you can take the necessary equipment and gear with you so you can make the most of those activities. In most cases, most of these items will be provided by the service provider. Even if they don’t, you can take your own gear with you.

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5. Deep-Sea Diving and Swimming

If you are fascinated by marine life and wants to get up close and personal with them then this is your chance. Charter a yacht with a specialized crew and they will help you enjoy your deep-sea diving endeavours to the fullest. The same goes with swimming. Cool off in Dubai’s hot weather by diving into the sea and the swimming instructor will guide you on how to swim and can also protect you from drowning. Make sure to take the necessary swimming gear and diving gear with you depending on the activities you want to perform in the seas.

6. Costs Are Divided

Last but certainly not least is the lower costs. You might be thinking how can chartering a yacht with a crew can be inexpensive? Let me explain. The more people you have on the yacht and the number of people who is willing to chip in to cover the cost of a yacht charter, the cheaper will be your trip. This means that if you could find friends that are willing to contribute and want to go on a yacht charter trip, you can enjoy cheapest yacht charter because the costs is divided amongst the number of people and hence, you don’t have to pay the full price.

Why you would charter a yacht with a crew? Let us know in the comments section below.

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