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6 Common Warnings to Watch Out For When Selecting a Cable TV

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In the past, people considered cable TV services a luxury because of the cost and accessibility of these services. As a result, customers had to wait months to install it. Additionally, there were fewer cable TV providers, thus limited choices.

Today, the tide has turned, and the industry has many options. Actually, the availability of streaming services has affected the demand for cable TV services worldwide. As a result, cable TV is now viewed as an exception instead of the norm.

Because of that, people are now extra picky when selecting a cable TV provider. However, there are still many things that have been going wrong when picking one.

The article will highlight common warnings to watch out for when selecting a cable TV service.

1. Overlooking Costs

Some customers are excited to pick their new cable TV service provider to the extent that they ignore some important factors, such as the costs. Contacting each service provider and getting their quotes has been time-consuming and costly.

But, today, you can quickly compare the cable TV rates at the click of a button. In this case, when you visit online for more information, you can easily gain access to the rates you’re comfortable with. These online companies have placed adequate information on their websites to help potential customers compare the prices. They allow you to see the services you will pay for before you subscribe.

Further, these cable TV service providers sort their packages by location. They also provide their contact details so you can reach out to them if you need to. Customers who don’t compare prices end up paying more than they should. Yet they can save a good amount in the long run when they compare prices on cable TV packages.

2. Leaving Out Internet Subscription

Getting a cable TV subscription without any internet can be a huge mistake. On the other hand, selecting cable TV and internet packages can save you money, time, and effort. Because you can’t have one and not the other, many internet service providers now offer cable TV subscriptions or vice versa.

Because they’re many bundle subscription options in the market, you can shop around, compare the rates and pick the one that suits your needs. These packages have discounts. Yet some customers shy away from asking for these incentives, which can lower their costs. They also ignore these internet and cable services because they think phone services are part of the deal.

The good news is that most cable television providers don’t bundle the three services. They allow customers to pay for cable and internet services and buy phone services elsewhere. That means you can receive the benefits of internet and cable services without straining your pocket.

The following are the qualities of the best internet and cable service providers:

  • They have listed several bundle subscriptions on their websites to allow customers to compare the rates and pick the best.
  • Provide extra details about these packages, including the number of cable TV channels, internet speed, etc.
  • Offer special discounts
  • Provide seamless customer support

It’s important to consider the speed of your internet because your demand varies based on its purpose. The speed for streaming movies at home is different from what you need at work.

3. Signing Up a Huge Contract

Internet and TV service providers are happy when you sign a huge contract. They’re in business and want to generate more money. Providers offer better prices to customers who opt for long-term services. But these options reduce your chances of switching to another package or provider when you no longer need some services.

Further, you must stick with this cable provider because you paid for these services upfront. That means you limit your entertainment choice when you sign a huge contract. It will also cost you a lot of money to cancel and switch to other services.

What makes these big contracts attractive?

Cable and internet providers provide discounted rates to customers who sign large contracts. But you can still take advantage of these rates by finding a way around them.

For instance, you should ensure that your contract is transferable. Instead of signing a contract with a local internet cable provider, opt for a national one. This allows you to use their services where you move.

Next, check the fine print when applying for bundle internet services. Avoid the too-good-to-be-true rates because, in most instances, they’re probably that.

4. Early Termination Fees

Many customers are excited to sign a contract with a new cable service provider because they consider them the best in the market. As a result, they fail to read the fine print when choosing bundle services and end up paying hundreds of dollars as cancellation fees.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before signing a contract:

  • Do  I need to give notice before terminating the services?
    What is the early termination fee?
  • How can I bypass these charges when I relocate to another state halfway into the contract or when my family no longer likes these services?
  • Ignoring Introductory Offers

Cable and internet providers have a long list of incentives they use to attract new customers. Some of these include discounts, introductory offers, free equipment, etc. Some ways to get these introductory offers are through your employer, membership clubs, Black Friday, and other promotions.

5. Not Checking Monthly Bills

People put their cable TV payments on autopilot to avoid late payments and disconnection. But it’s important to check each monthly bill to avoid paying for what you didn’t sign up for. In other words, you should scrutinize each charge and fee to see if you understand them. Next, investigate all unfamiliar fees or increased charges.

Ensure the returned equipment is replaced with one functioning properly, and you aren’t charged for it. Ensure all services marked free are not charged later, such as when a technician rectifies a problem or for service. Raise the issue with customer service immediately so that they can cause the charges and refund your money.

6. Pick the Must-Have Channels Before Signing Up

A cable package can have around 205 channels, yet you only need 20 of them. Because of that, some customers pay for more channels than their families actually need.

To avoid being such a customer, list down the channels that are must-haves and those that are nice to have. Then shop for a TV cable provider offering a majority of your must-haves and some channels in your second list without incurring an extra cost.

It’s important to be realistic because watching all these channels is hard. At the same time, the cable provider might charge you an extra $10 each month for having those nice-to-have channels on your package.

You can also opt for free broadcast TV and combine it by streaming programs from Hulu or Netflix. This will help you save money that you can add to your emergency fund or fund another project.


The list of common warnings to avoid when choosing an internet and cable TV provider is endless. The competition in this industry is high, and companies use different tactics to attract customers. At the same time, customers feel confused by the sheer number of cable providers and options.

Taking into account the 6 mentioned pitfalls can help you choose the best cable provider. They will help you shop for bundle discounts and pay for the channels your family needs. Signing the contract from a national cable provider can help you transfer the services when you move before the contract is over.

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