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5 Ways AI is Changing the Way Email Tech Works

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Email tech is one of the most effective channels for reaching and engaging customers. However, as technology evolves, so does the way email marketing works. AI is changing the game, and here are five ways it’s doing that.

AI can personalize your email marketing messages to each individual customer

Marketers are increasingly turning to AI to personalize the content their customers receive. It lets brands send more relevant messages by analyzing their customer’s data and their preferences. For instance, you might want to add the customer’s name in the subject line to make the customer feel more unique and special. Some platforms like can even write the entire email for you. This will personalize the email especially to the recipient – essentially a robot email writer!

AI can also help you send different types of messages to customers at different stages of their purchase journey. For instance, if you sell electronics, you might want to send a different message to customers who are in the early stages of their decision-making process than you’d send to customers who are close to purchasing.

Automated bots can help with lead generation and qualification

One of the first early adopters of AI-driven email marketing was Salesforce. Using a Customer Success platform called Einstein, Salesforce has automated the qualification process for its customers by analyzing their email content.

This means that the company can identify which emails are worth reading based on the customer’s past purchase behavior. It can then use machine learning to analyze the emails further to determine the best way to respond. At first, this was only used for global customers, but Salesforce has since expanded the program to enterprise customers, too.

AI-generated images and videos can be used to create more engaging content

Email campaigns are usually just one thing: a message. But what about the content that gets sandwiched between those two lines?

For years, email newsletters have been using the same old templates: an image, a few lines of text, and a link to a page (or a download link for a PDF). AI can help you create more engaging newsletters by automatically generating images and videos from your content. You can then use those visual assets to create newsletters that are more than just a collection of words. You can also add a product review to make your emails more in-depth and helpful.

Email marketing platforms are using machine learning to improve open rates and click-through rates

When you’re building an email marketing strategy, you have to think about the future. What will you be doing in three to five years? In some ways, it’s like trying to predict the future with email, but machine learning can really help you out.

Email marketing platforms are using machine learning to improve open rates and click-through rates.

Machine learning can tell platforms like Mailchimp, Campaigner, and ConvertKit which emails are most likely to be opened and clicked by which users. This means that you don’t have to worry as much about which emails are getting opened. Instead, you can focus on making sure the emails you send are good ones.

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Chatbots can be used as a customer service tool in addition to email marketing

Email marketing is fantastic, but it’s often limited to one channel. If you want to reach out to your customers in more ways, you can use chatbots in addition to email marketing. Chatbots are a great tool for customer service. They can answer questions, resolve problems, and help you stay in touch with your customers.

You can even use chatbots to convert some of those customers into sales.  Chatbots can also be used to hold webinars and Q&A sessions with your existing customers. They can be a helpful way to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds.

Final thoughts

AI is changing the game. Email marketing will never be the same. It’s great to remember that traditional tactics such as content, outreach, and quality of customer service will still be key to success. However, AI and automation will also play a key role in creating a successful, scalable, and enjoyable email marketing plan. Whether you’re creating emails for your subscribers or looking to add AI to your email marketing strategy, remember that the internet changes faster than ever.

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