5 Tips to Write A Killer Resume as a Digital Marketer

5 Tips to Write A Killer Resume as a Digital Marketer

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Are you not receiving the interview call you’ve been waiting for long? Chances are your resume has been screened out by a robot before even reaching a human. Yes, most companies, who receive hundreds of job applications, eliminate incompetent resumes to shortlist only the best ones. No matter how great your portfolio or academic background might be, a poorly designed one can make it or break it. And you are not alone. Most digital marketers struggle with writing it. But with the following tips, you are set for a good ride. Read on:

1. Know your Target Audience

The fact is one digital marketing resume does not work for all kinds of jobs. This means that it’s not a very good decision to use the same one from 2 years back when applying to a new job. Each company has different values and needs. By focusing on what the company is seeking, you can tailor it in a way that will align with its values. Does the company want to expand its thriving digital marketing team? Has the agency just started and wants to build its presence on social media? Is it a large corporation that needs competent SEO experts? You will have to research about the company from top to bottom and read the job description to understand your target audience. Only then, you’ll be able to identify the keywords, skills, and qualifications to write about.

2. Evaluate your Unique Value Propositions

Each digital marketer is different from others. So why should the company hire you and not someone else? Is it because of your in-depth knowledge of SEM? Do you have valuable experience as an email marketer? Or do you have excellent analytical skills? Can you write attractive content? These are the unique value propositions that you should know about yourself. You should then evaluate whether your propositions or skills match with the company’s needs. If yes, then there’s a huge chance you’ll get the job.

3. Make it Simple yet Catchy

Once you know what you need to say, you should choose how to say it. This means you need to decide the format that can communicate your unique value propositions, skills, and qualifications effectively. Even if you are a digital marketer, flashy designs never work. Therefore, your goal should be to craft a professional resume that contains the following sections:

  • Name and catchy headline
  • Personal summary of 150-200 words
  • Contact information including number, email address, and LinkedIn profile
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Skills

Moreover, you should stick to 1-2 pages when crafting it. Infographics should be avoided as they only create confusion. Also, by using bullet points, you can break large chunks of information in readable material.

4. Sell Yourself

The key to selling yourself is to not shy away from making your resume a statement. If you’ve boosted organic traffic on a site in the past, you should write about it. As a marketer, it is also important to include analytics and metrics to show your achievements. For example, did you boost the traffic by +25%? By mentioning such metrics, you can show your recruiter that you are a serious individual who means business. At the same time, you should focus on your soft skills as well. Do you have exceptional time management skills? Are you a hardworking individual? You should include all the exceptional skills that make you different from others.

5. Proofread

No matter how confident you are with the final write-up, you must go through it multiple times to ensure it’s written perfectly. Ask your friends or family members to read it and give their thoughts. You can take help from online grammar software to proofread the content and catch any grammatical or punctuation mistakes. Remember, even a slight spelling mistake can annoy cranky recruiters. Finally, make sure it matches the company’s needs and you have included all the important keywords to attract the attention of the recruiter.

A resume is an important piece of paper that makes the first impression on the recruiter. Therefore, you shouldn’t take it lightly. As a digital marketer, you have to face a lot of competition to get your dream job. But a perfect resume can make the process easier.

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