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5-Star Hotel Management – Challenges and Solutions

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As a hotel business grows, hoteliers need to upgrade their software solutions to match the growth of the business. If the hotel staff is using outdated software to manage their hotel and store the information provided by the guests, they are simply leaving money on the table. There is a multitude of ways in which modern software can help a hotel in improving its rate of guest satisfaction as well as its profits. Quick growth for a hotel brings a unique set of problems that can be resolved with the judicious use of reliable software. Whether it is managing the staff or handling the different requests of the guests, advanced hotel software has a solution for these requirements and much more.

Common Issues in Hotels

  • Additional guest traffic in holiday seasons
  • Overbooking and double booking of rooms
  • Incorrect guest information
  • Managing staff duties on a daily basis
  • Added demands by the guests
  • Increased requirements for sanitized premises
  • Maintaining an online reputation
  • Training staff to use hotel software
  • Payment processing from various providers
  • Creating relevant reports for hotel operations

Important Features of 5-star Hotel Management Software

Using hotel management software is the key to creating a workflow that can stand the demand of the most rigorous hotel property. For a 5-star hotel management software becomes a critical piece of software in their overall workflow. With the increasing demands of the customers, hoteliers need to understand that they need to use the most advanced management software to excel and be better than their competition. Here are some features of the hotel management software that can help hotels to better manage their property.

Cloud Backups

Modern hotel software that is backed up on the cloud is the ideal choice for businesses for a number of reasons. In case of onsite data corruption or some natural disaster, the data is safe in the cloud. Cloud backups are also secured by multiple layers of encryption which makes data safe from hacking or phishing attempts. Some more advantages of using cloud software are:

  1. Instant data synchronization
  2. Accessible from multiple devices
  3. Zero downtime
  4. Regular updates
  5. Scales along with the business

Highly Customizable

It is a fact that software needs to be customized to suit the needs of the business. A property with less number of rooms does not need software with extensive features. Similarly, a hotel chain will have a different set of requirements from software. 5-star hotel management software can be modified to suit the needs of the users.

From creating multiple dashboards to creating unique workflows that maximise the productivity of the users, the software can be customized to do all this and much more. Hotels can also customize the look of the software with their logo and the theme of their website to present a cohesive design language when guests use the website to book a room or make payments.

Staff Management

The staff is the backbone of any hotel operation and managing the staff for maximum productivity is the ultimate goal of a hotel manager. A 5-star hotel management software can help with the ideal management of the staff by assigning duties on time and giving staff the option to mark completed tasks through their mobile devices.

As the software is backed by the cloud, all changes are instantaneous and the staff members can also put in requests for inventory items they need through the shared dashboard. The managers can take one look at the dashboard and find out the duties assigned to the housekeeping staff and assign further duties accordingly.

Automation Features

In every hotel, there are several tasks that need to be repeated every day. Hotel software can take care of all these tasks, thus leaving more time for the staff to perform their duties. From checking-in guests to adding details of the guests to the dashboard, the software can do all this and more with minimal human input. Some more automation features of the software are:

  1. Ordering inventory
  2. Sending feedback emails to guests
  3. Updating room inventory across channels
  4. Changing room rates depending on demand
  5. Creating performance reports
  6. Data analysis

Error Reduction

The hospitality business is a fast-moving segment where time is money and hotels can’t afford to lose money because of data-related errors. With hotel software, basic errors like double booking and overbooking of rooms can be avoided. The software also keeps track of client names and ensures the information is recorded in the database without any errors. The correct information prevents errors in client communication and also builds a good rapport with the clients when staff addresses them by the right name. The software also maintains profiles for guests to ensure they get a personalized experience at every branch of the hotel. For guests that have specific needs regarding their diet or room preference, the software makes it easy to provide such guests with a uniform stay experience.


Hotel software can make all the difference in how guests perceive a property. From adding a personal touch to the stay for the guests to bringing a sense of acute professionalism to the behavior of the staff, a 5-star hotel management software can do all this and much more. Features like cloud backup, regular updates, data security and more make using hotel software an essential task for hotel staff. At mycloud Hospitality, hotels can access an award-winning software suite designed by a world-renowned team of hospitality professionals. The software suite is highly customisable and it is created while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the end users. One of the best features of the software is the short learning curve so that teams can get used to the software faster and they can improve their workflow by using its excellent features of the software.

Are you interested in learning more? You can do that by scheduling a free demonstration of the software at the time of your choice by calling +1-415-390-5039. You can also browse through for more information.

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