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5 MSME Banking Tools to Manage Construction Finances

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The Indian Construction Industry is a vital pillar of the nation’s economic growth. It is expected to reach a staggering ₹1.4 trillion by 2025, driven by infrastructure development and urbanisation. If you are a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) operating in this sector, managing the finances can be a tricky task.

Being one of the MSMEs that form the backbone of India’s economy, handling resource limitations is essential. Therefore, banks offer solutions that make accessing adequate funds easier. They provide construction finances that entail significant upfront costs and offer several other benefits.

Let’s find out more about what these tools are and how they can promote your MSME growth.

5 MSME Banking Tools to Manage Finances for Construction

Reputed banks have designed financial tools for MSMEs that offer tailored solutions to manage finances for every purpose, whether construction or any other. Here are some of those tools that you can leverage if you are in the construction business or planning to construct your workspace:

1. Working Capital Loans

Loans for working capital can be considered as short-term loans. They are usually given for a duration of one year or less and are meant to support a company’s day-to-day operations. These loans are only suitable for short-term investments and not for ones like buying property or equipment.

They are designed to help you cover immediate construction finances and maintain day-to-day operations. The loan terms depend upon your creditworthiness and other factors, such as the business’s nature and the loan’s size.

The interest rates for these loans are usually lower than other loans because the risk of default is perceived to be lower. Consequently, this makes it easier for businesses to repay their loans and maintain their cash flow.

2. Equipment Financing

Construction projects rely heavily on specialised equipment and machinery. You can leverage equipment financing solutions offered by MSME banks to acquire or lease construction equipment.

It may include excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and cement mixers. These loans are ultimately tailored to suit the seasonal nature of construction activities and may include options for equipment upgrades or replacements.

3. Invoice Financing

Delays in payment from clients or customers can disrupt cash flow and hinder business operations. Imagine you are managing your construction finances well, and an export payment gets stuck due to a public holiday in the customer’s country.

Here, invoice financing, also known as bill discounting, will come to your rescue. It enables MSMEs to receive immediate funds by selling their outstanding invoices to banks at a discounted rate. This financing will provide you with the much-needed liquidity to cover expenses while awaiting payment for completed projects.

4. Project Loans

Undertaking larger construction projects involves significant upfront investment. It includes land acquisition, permits, and other construction finances. To assist MSMEs like yours in financing the development of such projects, banks offer project loans.

Such solutions for managing construction finances are tailored to meet your unique requirements as they come with longer repayment tenures. Moreover, if you have partnered with a reputed bank, you can get them structured in accordance with your project’s milestones.

As a result, this will make it an ideal funding option for residential, commercial, or infrastructure development projects.

5. Trade Finance Services

International construction projects involve complex supply chains and payment mechanisms. MSMEs engaged in export-import activities can benefit from trade finance services offered by banks, such as letters of credit, bank guarantees, and export credit insurance. These services help in managing risks associated with cross-border transactions and facilitate smoother management of construction finances.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Bank for Construction Finances

1. Evaluate Financing Options: Compare the range of financing products and services offered by different MSME banks to ensure they align with your business requirements and growth objectives.

2. Consider Interest Rates and Fees: Look for reputed banks offering competitive interest rates, minimal processing fees, and transparent terms and conditions.  It will help you avoid unexpected costs.

3. Assess Accessibility and Support: Choose a bank that provides convenient access to branches, digital banking platforms, and dedicated relationship managers who understand the construction industry’s nuances.

4. Check Reputation and Track Record: Research the reputation and track record of MSME banks in terms of customer service, reliability, and responsiveness to gauge their credibility and trustworthiness.

5. Seek Customised Solutions: Prioritise banks that offer customised solutions tailored to manage construction finances well.

Get in Touch with a Top Bank Today!

Construction finances are big of a deal only until you collaborate with a top bank. In fact, being a part of the construction industry, it becomes essentially important for you to manage them well. When you hire a top bank like HDFC Bank for your MSME’s fund management, you get to access a wide variety of benefits.

These perks include competitive market interest rates, favourable loan terms, a variety of loans as per requirement, flexible repayment structures, and many more. In addition to all this, HDFC Bank offers you up to 100% financing for your construction or commercial equipment speedily.

Get in touch with HDFC Bank hassle-free with their Tele Assist Nurture facility for MSME bank loans today!

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