5 Best Road Trips From Mysore

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Mysore, also known as the city of palaces, is the cultural capital of the state of Karnataka. It is also one of the busiest cities with tourists in monsoon, especially in October. Every year, the month witnesses the famous festival Dussehra. It is a perfect place for travelers interested in ancient architecture. If you have more time after exploring the city, there are many outstanding destinations outside of the town. Just find airport cabs in Bangalore as you land and get started with your road trips. Here are the f best road trips from Mysore.

1. Shivanasamudra

If you are an admirer of nature, take a roadway of 81 km from Mysore to Shivanasamudra. It is the region where the river Kaveri splits. Surrounded by lush green dense forest, it makes a spectacular view of a waterfall 73 meter high. During monsoon, the backwater of river Kaveri flows at its peak speed, hitting the rocky bottom 100 feet away. The populated area around the destination introduces you to the unique lifestyle of tropical ever-drizzling nature. Their special spicy dishes treat your taste buds.

2. Ooty

Traditionally known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is the best place to chill amidst green terrains with family, friends, or loved ones. The botanical garden, pine forest, rose garden, and Wenlock down offers different forms of nature. Among all, Emerald Lake is the most attractive tourist spot.

It is 128 km away from Mysore across the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border. You can travel 89 km further into Tamil Nadu and explore the city of Coimbatore. Wayanad is another nearby tourist spot famous for wildlife and spice plantation. Roads across Ooty open to other beautiful places.

3. Hampi

Hampi is one of the most renowned tourist destinations. Its values route back to the 14th to 16th century when it was the capital city of the Vijayanagara dynasty. Now, it attracts international tourists and archaeologists to study the rich architecture of its temples and ancient community buildings. The idols and inscriptions carved on the temples speak to you on various aspects of life and divinity. The city has two parts for the convenience of travelers: Hampi bazaar and the Royal Centre.

4. Shravanabelagola

Located about 98 Km from Mysore, Shravanabelagola is a town full of structures that speak of its history. It is famous for its enormous monolithic stone statue, the Gommateshwara sculpture. The town has many community places, such as ponds, merely built of stones. You can also observe pandals used to hold public meetings during about the 15th century. A group of temples, including Chennana Basadi, Akkana Basadi, and Chandragupta Basadi, showcases its ideologies of divinity. On the other hand, places like Vindhyanagiri and Thyagada Kamba give exotic views of the town.

5. Chamarajanagara

114 Km away from Mysore, this city is famous for the multitude of experiences it offers. Bandipur National Park encloses natural habitats of wild animals and birds. A jeep safari introduces you to the beasts in their full-fledged life. You can get high at Alpine wineries. Other attractive spots include Gopalaswamy Hills, Bara Chukki, Suvarnavathi Reservoir, Chamarajeshwara Temple, and Dzogchen Monastery.

Wrapping up

You have many places to explore life to the fullest. Green and calm places surrounded by towns rich in culture are the best to achieve it. And Mysore is the best starting point. You can find cabs from Bangalore to Mysore and go on off the city to different locations.

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