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4 Unforgettable Horror Movies

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Thrilling emotions can be caused by different things. You can get anxious and excited at the same time when you are play casino games for real money or watching horror movies. These are the best films that will definitely scare you.

The Babadook, 2014

Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent’s debut feature film is often cited as one of the first works in the genre of sublime horror. The Babadook is an extremely original, audience-pleasing reflection on the impact trauma and the loss of a loved one can have on us. Six years after the car accident that killed her husband, single mother Amelia finds herself struggling not only with grief, but also with an evil entity – a fairy tale monster named Babadook – who has begun to terrorize her young son Samuel. The film shows the fine line between the supernatural and the psychological, proving that nothing is more frightening than the most universal of truths.

Goodnight Mommy, 2014

This Austrian horror film by Veronica Franz and Severin Fial explores the inextricable bond between a mother and her children. Ten-year-old twins Elias and Lucas eagerly await their mother’s return after mysterious facial surgery. When she finally arrives, her head is completely covered in bandages, and it soon becomes clear that the woman in their home does not look like the mother they remember. With acting, plot twists, and a scene that made premiere guests gasp during the screening, Goodnight Mommy can safely be called a modern classic.

Relic, 2020

The scariest fairy tales are stories based on real emotions, not simple, even cheap special effects like monsters jumping out of nowhere and edgy soundtracks. Director Natalie Erika James’s striking feature debut tells the story of three generations of women who confront little by little the truths we all try to keep at bay. The touching finale will break your heart.

Saint Maud, 2019

Capable of inducing claustrophobia, British director Rose Glass’s debut feature is about Maud, a hospice worker who recently converted to Catholicism. Maud is sent to care for Amanda, who is terminally ill with cancer. If Amanda’s deteriorating condition is physical in nature, Maud discovers that she herself has found herself on a much more twisted path. Are evil forces at work here? What Glass shows is part character study, part obsession story: it’s damned ambiguous, and leaves the viewer in limbo until the last frame. Hell breaks loose just before the film goes black, sinking its claws into you.

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