16-inch Laptops

16-inch Laptops: Top 8 in 2023

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Having gotten used to big-screen computers, it’s time to get used to 16-inch laptops. 14-inch screens now even seem a little bit not enough sometimes, especially since there are so many styles to choose from in the new big-screeners. So, here’s a selection of the best 16-inch laptops in 2023.

1. HP StarBook

If you’re on a budget of only about four thousand and need a laptop for the office, you might consider this HP, which is also a top-tier brand. It has a 13th-generation i5-1340P processor and a 1TB solid-state drive with expandable memory for office use. The screen is a 15.6-inch FHD with permanent blackout support.

The base configuration of this laptop is good, but the screen is a little worse, so if that’s all you’re on a budget for, it’s a good choice. Of course, if the budget is bigger, it is recommended to consider over four thousand, the screen will be better.

2. MacBook Pro

If you want performance and are on a budget, check out the new MacBook Pro. It features the M2 Pro processor, which is very powerful and can satisfy today’s most professional performance scenarios. The screen is a 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR, and the battery life reaches 22 hours.

For this Apple laptop to pick it up, it is recommended to improve the memory, otherwise the performance will suffer in the back, as well as years of use.

3. Redmi BookPro 15

If you’re looking for a thin and light laptop with a big screen, consider this one. It comes with an R7-6800H processor, and the screen is 15.6-inch with 3.2K resolution, 90 Hz refresh rate and 100 percent sRGB color gamut. The look is metallic and more minimalist in style. If you want a more powerful main display and want to play big games, check out this laptop.

4. HP Battle 66 Sixth Generation Core Edition

You can see a good configuration over four thousand, the screen will be worse. Want to balance some may want to consider this HP Battle 66 VI, equipped with 13 generation i5-1340P, 15.6 inch screen 2.5K high color screen, there is 120 Hz refresh rate. It is certified to 19 strict military standards, and memory is expandable.

This thin and light notebook belongs to the business notebook category and has features such as office design, a digital keyboard and RJ45 network ports. If the laptop is intended for business use, you might consider this as a more suitable option.

HP Battle 66 Sixth Generation Core Edition

5. LG gram Style

If you’re looking for a thin and light high-end laptop with a big enough screen and a good configuration, check out the LG gram series. Like this one, it’s made of magnesium alloy and weighs only 1.23 kg (2.71 lbs). It’s upgraded to a 13th-generation Core processor and DDR5 RAM, so the basic configuration is good.

It also comes with a 16-inch OLED screen with a high 120Hz refresh rate and a high P3 color gamut. It also has a built-in 80Wh battery and has two Thunderbolt ports. All aspects of the configuration are excellent.

6. Lenovo ThinkBook 16+

I looked at the previous one and this one when I bought my 16-inch laptop with a big screen, only I couldn’t grab a ThinkBook 16+ at the time. So if you want a flagship configuration for a big screen book, consider this one too, it’s kind of a bucket list machine. The processor is still available in Core and Rex variants, and the RAM is available in 16GB and 32GB options.

For occasional gaming, we recommend considering the Dragon version. Also, the budget is not so great, as we recommend to consider the previous generation of Rex processors, which are better. The screen, configuration details are very good, there is a network cable interface, and the HDMI 2.1 interface is very good.

7. Dell Ling Yue PLUS16

There are not many 16-inch books with a big screen and RTX4060 solo graphics inside, and the configuration is still quite interesting. It’s satisfying to have a thin and light book, but you want a high-quality solo display. It also has a 13th generation i7-13700H processor and a 16-inch screen with 2.5K resolution and a high 120Hz refresh rate

It also features a 4050 solo display, which makes the laptop suitable for creative design applications such as the Adobe series. Also, if you’ve already encountered that parents don’t allow a gaming laptop, check this one out.

8. Honor MagicBook X 16 Pro 2023

If you want a better screen and configuration, you might want to consider this Honor, which features the i5-13500H processor, which is the main configuration at the moment. The i5-13500H processor is the main configuration at the moment.

The screen is much better than the first year, with a 16-inch screen with a high color gamut, Rheinland Hardware Low Blue Light and Strobe Free certified. There’s also an e-book mode, which provides similarities to e-book reading.

The models listed above are the most popular. Still, regardless of how many people are seeking one model or another, all devices eventually happen to need repairs. Then, whatever is causing you problems – from malfunctioning monitor to macbook repair cost – it is worth turning to professionals for this kind of service.

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