10 Contemporary Homes That Make Smart Use Of Marble

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Marble has always remained the first choice of customers for decades. Let’s face it; Nothing can beat the graceful look and classy texture it provides to the place! Earlier, it was used just to build the floors of a house, but with technology advancing, it is being used widely to make marble worktops for the kitchen or for the bathroom. Though it requires high maintenance, the pocket pinch is high, and a lot of effort is needed- the look it brings is worth all of it.

Interior decorators are now finding new ways to incorporate marble in your living space as well in a very subtle note so that it does not become too overwhelming for the eye.

If you are thinking to redecorate your interior and want it to look elegant and not all junked up, here are few unique ideas you can consider so that you stay put with the modernity and get a classic feeling with marble decor as well!

Thought of using a marble column so as to delineate space?

Living rooms partitioned through walls, arches or doors are not very common these days because of the simple reason- it makes the room claustrophobic and takes much more space.

Instead, you can think of having an open space living room even though you reside in a one-room apartment or a big bungalow. It may be so that the room does not have the wall-positions right and here, and marble can do wonders!

Do not just use marble worktops at your home but also use it to make column so that space is delineated. It is always better to choose columns with straight-edges and some but not very loud decorations to make the place look sophisticated. You can even consider using the marble to build a half-wall column which gives pretty much the same vibe that a floor to ceiling column does.

Use marble to build your walls and floors!

Remember not to use marble for both your walls and floor because of that will make the place look very drab and cold. Talk to an interior designer if required and decide to use marble on any one of the areas. There are various designs out in the market, and you can choose from them whichever suits them best.

Also, consider using marble at the walls of your kitchen or the wainscoting of your dining hall. You can make a small round-shaped chair and keep it in the corner of your living space to add a pinch of marble to it.

Put on marble slabs as separators

Marble stones of various colours can be put up as slabs to separate the lounge area with the kitchen or the dining space. Popularly, a two stoned chunk of veiny green colour works like a charm since adding on an elite look to the entire space. You can also use marble for the counterpoints, say at the serving area or at the hall!

The marble furniture is a must-have

If you can not afford the enormous cost of having all of your furniture made up of marble or do not like it anyway, settle for a few pieces of marble furniture around the house. They are sturdy, lasts long and you do not have to worry about it suiting with the decor. At least have the top of your dining table carved out of a stone slab, a centre tea table in the lounge area or the showcases hanging from the wall. The whole place will light up and will look incredibly glamorous.

But you have to make sure that you take out the time to take proper care of the furniture pieces. Also, consider the perfect measurement since you will not like your furniture to be of an absurd size which does not fit well in the room.

Marble accessories

Most of the interior designers are of the opinion that if your room is painted in bold solid colours or with very subtle designs, using one or two accessories made up of marble can absolutely change the look. Try a marble lamp kept on a beautifully crafted table or a big yet high-class showpiece for exhibition in a noticeable corner. Wall art or a marble frame can go right at the bedside wall, and you can put a low power light to make it more eye-soothing.

A steam room floor with marble

While making the design of the house, you can think of making a lopping terrace and underneath; you can make a steam room where the marble can be used for the floors and half of the walls. A panel can be made in the ceiling with glass so that natural light can come in. The room will look spacious and have a natural aura with all the sunlight coming in.

There is no need to choose plain and white marble. Go with the checks or abstract lining ones; they look outstanding.

Curve out the front door

While the front door is essentially build up with wood or any other sturdy material, you can use marble to decorate the frame and sides of it. You can consider putting up your nameplate engraved on a piece of marble.


Instead of using marble worktops, you can think of putting up a beautiful sitting place on your balcony or at the terrace with a nice, good-looking marble slab. You can also bind an area with marble and put on plant pots. Both nature and marble together will create magic.


If you like flowers and like to keep it in the corner of your hall or bedroom, use a marble vase.

Dresser or the wardrobe

Imagine having a dresser made up of marble with lights fitted to it or a large closet to put all your clothes but made up of coloured and patterned marble. Apart from using marble worktops, you can definitely give your place a fantastic interior and warm yet not so gawdy vibe by using the marble chunks.

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