How to Get the Best Deal on a Boiler

How to Get the Best Deal on a Boiler?

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Are you looking for the best deal to get a new boiler? With so many boiler brands, picking one within your budget is challenging. Top boiler manufacturers might have high price tags. Only occasionally does a high-priced boiler match your demands.

However, resist buying the lowest choice. Avoid a cheap boiler that breaks down and causes problems.

There is a simple way to do it, you can benefit from the government Free Boiler Scheme by replacing old boilers with new A-rated energy-efficient models. That’s the best one I have for you!

Schemes and grants are not your thing? Read on to learn how to get the best deal on a boiler.

Getting the Best Deal on A New Boiler

A lower price is not the only way to save money when buying a new boiler. There are many other factors that can help you get a better deal out of it. Things like getting the boiler with the correct output, the size of your home, and what installer you use can help. Remember, buying a new boiler will not be your only expenditure. You will need to install it correctly, which can be expensive. You may need to prepare for new pipework, chemical or mechanical system flushes, flooring, and the actual boiler installation. All of these will cost money. So, you must carefully consider your new boiler purchase to spend more on installation than on the boiler itself.

This guide can help you get a better deal on your brand-new boiler. Saving money is always a top priority for any long-term purchase, and your mindset should be the same when buying a new boiler. You want a reliable boiler with a suitable and efficient warranty. Let’s look into the tips to help you get a better deal on your new boiler.

Do Your Research

Be calm when purchasing a new boiler for your home. Preparation is required before buying. Gathering two to three quotations from diverse sources is ideal. This allows you to compare quotes and get the best deal. Request fixed-price quotations. Avoid the cheapest quote early on. Make sure the quote is from a gas-safe engineer. Do not pay beforehand, and always get an itemised quotation. Pay after the service is done and your boiler works.

Choose the Right Installer

The appropriate boiler installer is as important as the right brand and model. Remember that boiler installation is complicated. A central heating system or boiler requires expert installation. Check the quote about their engineers. Gas-safe register-certified engineers should install your new boiler.

Many brands mention accredited installers. These technicians know how to install certain boiler brands. A manufacturer-accredited installation may prolong your boiler warranty. This also means boiler-trained personnel will install it.

Budget for Your Boiler

A budget is vital when purchasing a new boiler. Budget realistically and avoid going over your pricing limit. Compare quotations after setting a budget. This may reveal whether an installer is overcharging.

A new boiler is an expensive investment that most people require assistance with. Finance is an excellent way to purchase a new boiler without paying ahead. Most installers provide flexible financing to assist your budget. You may pay monthly to fit your budget.

Choose the Right Efficiency Rating

Choose a boiler that meets your home’s requirements. Otherwise, your heating will need to be more efficient. The majority of new UK boilers are combis. These boilers provide central heating and tap water. Compact, efficient, and easy-to-install combi boilers are popular. Combi boilers may only suit some prominent families. Homes with two or more bathrooms may require a system or conventional boilers.

When purchasing a boiler, check its efficiency. Most new combi boilers are A-rated. New condensing combi boilers must fulfil UK and EU 92% efficiency criteria. The efficiency rating reflects how much energy is spent heating your home, influencing payments. Only 8p of every £1 spent on heating is wasted with a 92% boiler. Improved boiler efficiency reduces energy costs. Proper efficiency and performance may save money over time.

Choose the Right Output

Buying a new boiler requires selecting the correct output level. The UK market has several boilers with different performances. Your boiler’s flow rate, or output, is how many litres of hot water it can deliver each minute. Consider home size and central pressure while choosing this. Water for combi boilers comes from the mains. If your mains pressure is eight l/min, a 12-l/min boiler is pointless.

The size of your property will also matter in the boiler you choose. More rooms require more radiators and heat. Consult your installer about the appropriate output level for your requirements. Beware that some installers may propose a more costly boiler than you require for profit.

Do Not Forget Aftersales Service

Know the aftersales service information before buying a boiler. Annual boiler maintenance may extend its lifespan, but it may be expensive. Check whether the aftersales service includes an annual boiler service when purchasing a new boiler. This will uncover minor issues before they become major ones.

Having your boiler running correctly gives you peace of mind. However, abrupt, expensive breakdowns are less likely, which saves you money on boiler servicing from an independent professional. Not all manufacturer warranties are the same. Discuss warranty and aftersales service with the agent.

Maintain Old Controls

Boiler controls generally outlast boilers. Although you may have temporarily replaced them before replacing your boiler, your old controls may be worth saving if they are in good condition.

New boilers with old controls may save hundreds of pounds. If they function with your new boiler, tell the technician to keep them before installing new controls. Sometimes, you need new controls and a boiler. If this is the case, call your engineer. They may suggest a great set or discount.

Government Support Scheme

Under ECO4, low-income households in the UK got the best deal on a new boiler. The scheme leads the UK’s energy efficiency and climate change efforts. This is part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), a government scheme to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty. The ECO4 scheme maintains this commitment by giving qualified homes boiler grants to replace outdated, inefficient, non-condensing boilers with new, highly efficient ones.


Getting a new boiler can be easier than you think. Be sure to follow this guide when purchasing a new boiler. Just remember not to rush things. You can save money on energy bills and enjoy a cosy home. A modern A-rated boiler is a significant long-term investment. Do your research, get itemised quotes, check out your finance options, and consider government support schemes like ECO4 if you’re low-income. You can smooth the process and get the best deal for a new boiler.

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