Youtube ranking factors.  



The biggest factor of all of them is views so what does this mean. Say you have a video ranking on space 50 of Google while your competition is first space at the moment say his view was 100 and your view went to 1000 you would overtake them by using purely the views as the condition to improve the rankings. 

The title itself can allow you rank based on the title for example" The best way to train your dog in New York" at the moment no one is using this you can use a long title to make it easier for you rank. Every word you use in your title google and  try and rank you, for example, some include "The best,Train your dog"

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The title itself is the second biggest ranking factor for youtube videos you can use it to make rankings on local based areas quite easy  for example" Train your cat in Dundee Scotland" this word has no competition meaning it is fairly easy to rank you can find this for many local based keywords since most people when it comes to Youtube don't think about local instead they think about National or International.

You could use this method to get paid to rank up videos for locally based clients and charge $50 to $200 a video month doing this.

The more subscriptions you receive give all your videos a slight boost  meaning it is more easy to rank a video with a popular account.

Tags are basically the same as keywords for how to rank a video say we were targetting diet plan we could use tags like"Diet plan, lose weight within 1 month, get your dream body.

Likes themselves are what we call the gray area for being a ranking factor the more likes could be used for helping more people to view your video so it could be used to create more people to watch the video but I have found no direct proof of this being actual ranking factor directly. 

Dislikes could mean people are less likely to view your video over thinking its bad over the dislikes or it could make people watch the video wondering why it's bad so could do both negative and Postive thing here.

The best thing to do with any video you make is share them on Social media sites such as Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr,Linkedin this will increase the likelihood of people viewing your site and giving them a bit of popularity from the social sites here.

Boosting the rankings of  Youtube videos does often require not as much work as Google based SEO work does  you can boost the rankings of them by using some sites such as these





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