Different ways to create a website  



If you want to make a website there are many platforms that you can choose to create a website from the scratch .Now a days creating a website becomes a easy process rather than spending a huge amount of time and money to develop a website

Now you can easily create a website by hiring a web designer,following any articles or by viewing youtube channels anyone can create a website easily.For business man website acts as a interface between customer and the business man.

First thing you need to think about while you need to develop a website is Idea or objective of creating the website.You should be clear about the objective in creating the website or else you can't a create a good website.Then you should choose the domain name which is a unique name for your website and then finally after completing all this process you can start developing your website.

Once you structured all your objective and domain name then the main part of the website comes in which is design and layout.For this design and layout there are 4 different ways to create your website design and their opertaions


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