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Vietnam visa for UAE citizens  



Vietnam visa is the mandatory document every UAE passport holders need to have in order to visit the country legally and freely. Do you wonder how to apply Vietnam visa in UAE, what are the requirements and procedures? Read this article to get the answers for all questions you might have.

  1. How can UAE citizens get a visa to Vietnam?

Holding UAE passport, you can choose one of three following ways to apply Vietnam visa for UAE citizens:

  • Applying the visa at Vietnam Embassy in Abu Dhabi
  • Obtaining Vietnam visa on arrival
  • Submitting Vietnam E-visa
  1. What are the requirements to get Vietnam visa for UAE citizens?

Depending on which method you use to apply for the visa to Vietnam, you will have to meet specific requests.

When it comes to applying for Vietnam visa for UAE citizens just need to prepare passport copy and enter Vietnam by airplane.

Regarding the visa at Embassy and Vietnam E-visa, the requirements are regulated by the Embassy and Vietnam Immigration Department. Contact them for more details. Here are information in case you need.

Official address of Vietnam Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Address: Villa No.147, SalamaBintButti Street, Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +97124496710



Website of the Vietnam Immigration Department:

  1. What are the procedures to obtain Vietnam visa for UAE citizens?

In order to enter Vietnam by getting Vietnam visa on arrival, UAE visitors have to send the passport copy to email address"> or fill out the online application on this link. will do the other works as your representative.

The Vietnam E-visa is obtained by completing the form on the above website of Vietnam Immigration while Vietnam visa at Embassy application process will be instructed by the officials there.

Any other question about how to applyVietnam visa in UAE citizens, reach us at website or hotline +84 969 255 515.


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