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Use These 8 Terrific Tips to Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke!


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Are you wondering if these tips to survive the holidays without going broke that important? Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are among the biggest holidays for us and there is a possibility that we may end up overspending during these festive occasions. If expenses are not kept in check during the holidays, we may easily fall into debt. But this needn’t be the case every holiday season. If you holiday on a budget, you won’t go broke. There are some really easy tips to survive the holidays without going broke. We’ve listed the best ones for you below. Use them when the holiday season is near and learn how to survive on a budget.

How to Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke:

Learning how to find cheap flight tickets for your travel is the first step towards saving during the holidays. Instead of relying on the availability of last minute flights which are not always cheap, book flights much in advance of your trip. Once you do that, move onto the other amazing tips to survive the holidays without going broke we’ve listed below.

  1. Formulate a budget and stick to it

If you wish to learn how to survive the holidays with family without breaking the bank, you need to first make a budget. Write down every expense you expect and the actual amount you are willing to spend. Once the budget is made, make sure you stick to it. DO NOT go over the budget you’ve designed. Surviving the holidays on a budget will enable you to cut back on needless expenses.

  1. Use cash or debit cards

Give your credit cards a rest during the holidays. Paying with cash or via debit cards is among the topmost tips to survive the holidays without going broke. If you spend what you have carefully, you will not go into debt. Pull out your credit cards only if absolutely necessary. Then, pay off the credit card amount the following month itself. This way, you won’t incur sky-high charges.

  1. Don’t shop on an impulse

Have you ever entered a store simply to window-shop but ended up buying something unreasonably expensive instead? Well, holiday seasons can do that to you and, to be fair, it’s happened to a lot of us! One of the best tips to survive the holidays without going broke is to stop shopping on an impulse. If you give in to spontaneity and spend mindlessly, you’ll have massive regrets to deal with later on.

  1. Cut back on expensive gifts

One of the best ever tips to survive the holidays without going broke is to cut back on expensive gifts. Sit your family and friends down and have a clear discussion on this. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Invest in gifts that hold more than just monetary value. For instance, a framed photograph which brings back beautiful memories will be valued more than an expensive lampstand meant to just sit on a corner table.

  1. Look for bargains

Whether you’re scouting for economy and business class flights or holiday gifts, make sure to look out for money-saving deals. These will help you save huge bucks. However, do keep in mind that shopping online is not always the cheapest option. You may find something cool for a really cheap price but will end up spending twice that much towards shipping charges. Thereby, also check local stores for discounts.

  1. Don’t spend on yourself

Did you know that many holiday revelers end up spending huge bucks on gifts for themselves? If you have enough new clothes and shoes to tide you over this holiday season, don’t needlessly shop for more. Spending little to nothing on yourself is among the best tips to survive the holidays without going broke. There’s a lot more you can do with that money. Else, you could simply keep it aside for emergencies.

  1. Make a list of important holiday events

Do you really need to attend every big holiday event there is? You need not delve into costly holiday events and end up spending precious bucks. There are many other ways to enjoy the holidays without going broke. Find holiday events with real meaning instead of opting for booze parties. For instance, you’ll be better off helping your church feed the homeless rather than lying drunk at a buddy’s place. Isn’t that do-good-feel-good spirit what the holidays are truly about?

  1. Keep a record of your expenses

Finally, our last but most effective of all tips to survive the holidays without going broke is to maintain a note of your expenditure. Whether you’re planning a trip abroad on international flights or holidaying at home, this is important to do. Jot down every single transaction to help you keep tabs on where the money is going. Not only will you become aware of your spending pattern but will also plan your budget a lot better on future trips.