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Top 7 honeymoon destinations in India  



All the newlyweds!  Stronger the bond! Happier you as a couple! Agreed? You will, right? There’s no doubt that you both must have completely devoted to knowing each other. But, after marriage, knowing each other as families, is a must. Well, that’s the serious aspect. You both must want to lighten up your mood after a grand get-together and knowing each other's family.

Amidst greeting all the relatives and taking their blessings, the two of you must be gushing about your honeymoon plans. What’s the first thing that hits your mind? That probably is the destinations, right? Except for the debate you both had earlier on your favourite places, you end up with “no result”. Not to worry, below-listed honeymoon destinations will keep both of you on the same page.


  1. The Seashore Of Andaman Islands


The Sun!The Sand!The Sea! And You and Me! Picture perfect! Beautiful and heart throbbing spectacle of Andaman Islands is something that will compliment your togetherness. Once a British naval port, now a romantic destination for lovebirds. Situated at the Bay of Bengal on the east coast of India, this can be one of your prominent destinations.

      2.The Amazing Alappuzha Of Kerala

Part of Laccadive Sea of Kerala state, the city holds the charm to enchant both of you and dig deeper into the relationship. Spend some quality time around the beautiful canals and lagoons of Alappuzha. You will also find a great hub of lavish restaurants and stays to seclude from the world.

  1. Munnar Of Kerala

This Munnar hill stations of Kerala is enough to keep you bounded into each-other of you. The pleasant weather in winter months is commendable to explore to the fullest. Munnar lets you collect valuable memories by providing you with several heart-throbbing places to explore and some of them are Eravikulam National Park, Lakkam Waterfalls and of course peaks. Also, the hill stations of Kerala are well-managed for tourism purpose. So, you can easily get lush and posh hotels and restaurants.

  1. Not the Venice but the Srinagar

The world is crazy about the Venice of Italy, but the very heaven of India is the Srinagar that grabs most of the beauties of nature. The lakes! The Deodars! Create a tranquil environment to kn9ow both of you. The anchor and The Dal Lake are the main attractions of Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar. You don’t have to worry about the stays as the city is one of the major tourist destinations of India that is well-organized by the very authority.

  1. The East Hill Station-Darjeeling

One of the best hill stations from the eastern part of India is the West Bengal’s Darjeeling. Mostly famous for a toy train, but the natural elements are undeniable adjectives of the town. While the town is famous for black tea, it also owns the scenic beauties from nature. You must feel the utmost tranquillity and oneness during the Darjeeling trip.

  1. Dalhousie Of Himachal Pradesh

For most Indians, this must be a regular honeymoon destination hails from Himachal Pradesh.  While you will appreciate the great architecture of building from the British era, you cannot miss the heart throbbing natural scenic beauties. The Dalhousie also owns to serve you some utterly romantic places such as waterfall of Panchpula, Khajjar. Also, Dalhousie consists of some posh hotels and restaurants to view the nature of Dalhousie.

  1. The City Of Lakes-Udaipur

India is a hub of surprises and Udaipur owes the important place in the list of awestruck places in India. It is one of the major destinations for honeymooning. Several attractions such as lakes, forts and palaces are enough to serve you the romantic hue around you. Some of the attractions such as Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat and Camel Safari hold the ability to memorize you.

Are You Ready To Experience the first journey of your life as a couple?

Togetherness is eternal and that the honeymoon is the first step towards a healthy and happy life as a couple. And the honeymoon destinations play a cupid to keep your heart pumped up for each other. So, explore the above places and whichever you like the most from the above and make more memories to strengthen your relationship.

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