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Nature of Portugal: 4 Stunning Places to Bring Your Camera  



The rich and diverse nature of Portugal is one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world choose it every year for their holiday. Beautiful mountain ranges, centuries-old forests, deep rivers, lakes, waterfalls - this is what awaits you in Portugal.

This country is located in the subtropical zone and is distinguished by the Mediterranean climate, which is influenced by two factors at once - the proximity of the Gulf Stream and ocean breezes from the Atlantic.

Most vacationers come to Portugal in the summer and enjoy a beach holiday, but if you plan to explore the natural sights and catch the most outstanding landscapes for your camera, it’s better to choose the spring and autumn period.

For traveling around the natural sights of Portugal, the most convenient transport will be a rental car, since you will be able to stop at any place you like to take a beautiful photo. With Zitauto reviews you always have access to high-quality and reliable cars, which will make your trip to easy, comfortable and memorable. So, prepare your photo-skills and go to the following destinations…

Serra de Estrela

(photo by fotalves1)

Serra de Estrela is a natural park with the highest mountain range in Portugal. This place is one of the most outstanding natural attractions of the country.

Hikers like to come there all year round, and skiers visit Penhas da Saúde Resort in winter. The views around the Torre resort are truly fabulous. The landscapes of the Zêzere Valley, where the deepest U-shaped gorge of Europe is located, are especially delightful.

In the neighborhoods of the park there are interesting villages located on the slopes of the mountains. In the town of Linhares you can feel yourself in the Middle Ages by visiting the local castle and walking through the narrow cobbled streets. The local church keeps three icons by the famous Portuguese artist Grão Vasco.

In the southwest of the park there’s another picturesque village called Piodao. The local houses are made of slate, and decorated with white doors and windows, which surprisingly contrasts with the dark stone.


Cabo Girao

(photo by Michał)

Cabo Girao is the highest cape in Europe. From the observation deck of the cape you can admire fantastic landscapes on the Atlantic Ocean, green valleys and beautiful Funchal city. In the deep waters near the cliffs with eucalyptus groves and waterfalls, you can see whales.

Cabo Girao is one of the most popular viewing points on Madeira. Travelers usually come there for panoramic views and the breathtaking feeling of soaring, which can be obtained while standing on the glass floor of Miradouro do Cabo Girão right above the ocean. Here in the souvenir shop you can buy a lot of pleasant little things as a keepsake.

The cape itself is located on the southern coast of Madeira, 2 km away from Camara di Lobos village. It’s better to start the inspection of the cape from this place, gradually climbing up to the observation deck. You can also use the cable car service from Fajas to Cabo Girao.


Porto Santo Island

Porto Santo is one of the most beautiful islands with a magnificent sandy coast and picturesque landscapes. It’s called the golden island of Portugal thanks to the extensive golden sand beaches. Porto Santo is a great place to relax and find peace.

The island provides excellent opportunities for scenic walks along the flat terrain with pastures, forests and hills. From any point of the island you can enjoy panoramic views, and a 9-kilometer-long beach with clear blue water and golden sand. This is perhaps the main treasure of Porto Santo.

Porto Santo Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 50 km away from the northeast of Madeira Island. You can explore Porto Santo on foot, on horseback, or by car. The best way to see the island from a height is to climb Pico Castelo, offering stunning views of the surrounding area.

Ribeiro Frio Natural Park

Ribeiro Frio is a great place for a relaxing walks with a camera. It’s known for amazing scenic hiking trails and trout ponds. While traveling through the park, you can find a variety of ancient laurel trees and see rare species of birds.

The walking route through the Ribeiro Frio Natural Park will allow you to admire the untouched Laurissilva Forest, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as beautiful views of the valleys. On the Balcões observation deck you will see beautiful natural landscapes of dense forest and picturesque lowlands, with the jagged peaks of the mountains rising behind.

The most comfortable is sunny and dry weather, as the rains can complicate the route, making it slippery and unsafe.

Ribeiro Frio Natural Park is located near Santo da Serra, in the southern part of Madeira Island. Getting to the park is more convenient in a rental car or taxi.

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