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Most Common Tyres Problems & How To Fix Them


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All vehicle owners face some problem or the other with their tyres, as it is the only part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. Tires maintenance is very important as it ensures longevity, durability, and safety. It is best to know about the different problems that can occur in tires so that you are prepared, can identify the issue, and get it repaired or replaced. Here are some of the most common tyre problems that a driver is likely to experience. 

Over Inflation

A hindrance in safety, over inflation compromises contact between the tyre and road, which can result in reduced road grip. Over inflation also puts stress on the tyre’s structure and can affect its longevity. To avoid this, make sure to get your tyres checked regularly by an experienced technician who will look at the irregular tread patterns. 

Under Inflation 

It is important to maintain the right pressure in tyres, not just to improve the performance of the vehicle but also to ensure safety of the passengers. Under inflated tyres increase the risk of understeering which can cause road accidents. Low tyre pressure leads to wear and tear, as well as poor handling and control. To avoid this, get your tyres air pressure checked frequently – you can do it by yourself with a meter gauge or for more expert opinion take your car to a service station. 


Cuts & Punctures

Punctures are rarely a driver’s fault and mostly happen due to bad road conditions or a nail that can slowly deflate the tyre. Punctures can be repaired and it is recommended to always act fast so that the tyre is not completely damaged. Some of the leading tyre brands have come up with puncture resistance technology that is built for tough road surfaces. Goodyear Tyres uses Kevlar, an innovative material that is stronger than steel and can prevent cuts and punctures. Goodyear Tyres UAE buyers have started investing in these tyres as its asymmetric tread design and reinforced sidewalls ensure durability and are puncture resistant. 


Wheel alignment and balancing is among the common problems that drivers face. You can tell that the alignment is off on your tyres when the car steers crookedly instead of going straight. There is also a noise that comes with steering along with the squealing of tyres. When these signs start showing, take your car to the nearest service station for wheel balancing and alignment. 

Wear and Tear

Always monitor your tyres tread depth to ensure that it is within the limit set by the manufactures. If the depth is below 1.6mm then it is time to replace your tires. You can always get in touch with online tyre shops that provide top quality services. Platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop offer a range of brands and products that meet every drivers and vehicle’s requirement. Before buying tyres online do confirm overall tyre price in UAE. Dubai Tyre Shop has been a trusted name in the UAE for tyre buying and offers ample of other services besides selling top branded tyres. 

Take care of your tires and in return they will give you performance, safety, comfort, and longevity. 

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