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5 things to know before planning a trip Oman in 2020


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Oman or The Sultanate of Oman is situated in western Asia and is an Arabic country. Oman is popular among tourist because it's a complete package to invest your holidays. You won't regret even for your sleeping hours beside the beautiful beaches. Oman's beaches have to capability to fall anyone in love with them thanks to the vibrant and hot weather of Oman. Deserts are the reason why Oman is in everyone's favorite travel destination.  

Here I will be sharing five things that you need to know before planning Oman tour, but before that, I would like you to have a look over the famous destinations in Oman that you should visit.  

Gold Market 

Since Oman is an Arabic country and we all are familiar with the craze of Jewelry Arabic people have. Oman has multiple markets of all sorts of Jewelry, apparels. All these markets are quite affordable, and if you have excellent bargaining skills, then you might get an unbeatable deal.  

Historic Architecture of Masque 

Every Masque of Oman has the most beautiful construction done by world-famous architects. If you admire historical architectures, then you can visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, One of the perfect examples of world-class construction.  


As mentioned above, Oman has a long coastline and dozens of beaches next to them. Apart from relaxing, you can also enjoy tasty and affordable seafood.  

So, these were the major attractions of Oman that keeps on attracting millions of tourists. Now, check out the below-mentioned things to lead a better and smooth journey to Oman.  


The local currency in Oman is Omani Rial, and One Rial is equaled to almost 2.6 USD. If you are an international tourist, then you either get the local currency at the time when you purchase the Oman Tour package form your favorite Oman Tour Operators. If you are confusion while selecting the best package, then you can connect with Oman Safari Tour team as they have dozens of tour packages.  

Language won't be a barrier 

Although Oman's national language is Arabic most of the Omani people understand and even speak English. Thus, if you aren't familiar with Arabic, then too, you will find it easy to communicate with Oman's people.   

Must Drink Coffee with Dates 

In Oman, locals will offer you Coffee with some dates and Oman's Coffee is something you want to miss. Oman's Coffee has a different taste. But if you're going to try a better version of Coffee than you normal one then quickly pick the Muscat tour package from an appropriate Muscat tour operator.  

Electricity and Power plugs 

In Oman, electric adapters must be of type G. In almost all the hotel and hostels, and universal adapters will available but anyhow If you can't locate on in your hotel then you can pick it up from the supermarket near you.  

Oman is the safest country 

If you are afraid that you won't be safe enough in Oman with your personal weapon, then let me tell you that, recently Oman received the global terrorism index value of 0, I.e., there isn't any crime in the country. Thus, you can enjoy your trip without any worries.   


I'm assuming that in the coming year you are going to visit Oman, if you have all the above things in your mind, then your trip will be safe and full of enjoyment. If your Oman tour operator didn't give you any information about Oman then you can refer Oman Safari Tourwebsite, they will help you out for all the basic information.

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