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After many solicitations from STH perusers, today we are at long last propelling our FREE Selenium Tutorial arrangement. In this Selenium preparing arrangement, we will cover all Selenium testing ideas and its bundles in detail with straightforward down to earth models.

These selenium instructional exercises are useful for a learner to cutting edge level Selenium clients. Beginning from the extremely essential Selenium online training ideas instructional exercise, we will slowly proceed onward to the propelled themes like Framework creation, Selenium Grid, and Cucumber BDD.

Note: We will build our article posting recurrence for this arrangement. Kindly don't miss any instructional exercise. Monitor every one of the instructional exercises by bookmarking this page as we will continue refreshing it with connections to all new Selenium instructional exercises.

How to begin Learning Selenium?

This is the best time to begin learning Selenium testing by your very own with the assistance of this free Selenium Training arrangement. Peruse instructional exercises, practice precedents at your home, and put your questions in the remark area of separate instructional exercises. We will address these questions.

Experienced Selenium experts – you also can participate in this arrangement by giving solutions to peruser's inquiries in remarks.

This is our genuine exertion to enable you to learn and ace a standout amongst the most well-known programming testing instruments:

Selenium Introduction:

We are charmed to dispatch our one more arrangement of programming testing preparing instructional exercises. The conviction behind acquainting this instructional exercise is to make you a specialist in a generally utilized programming test computerization arrangement, selenium. In this arrangement, we will take a gander at the different features of Selenium. Selenium training isn't only a device; it is a group of free apparatuses. We will investigate a portion of the apparatuses in detail, giving viable models wherever material.

Before you bounce into perusing this energizing and valuable arrangement, let us investigate what it has coming up for you.

Why Selenium?

As the present business patterns have appeared there is mass development towards robotization testing. The bunch of redundant manual testing situations has raised an interest to acquire the act of computerizing these manual situations.

The advantages of executing mechanization test are many; given us a chance to investigate them:

Supports execution of rehashed experiments

Helps in testing a huge test grid

Empowers parallel execution

supports unattended execution

Improves exactness in this way lessening human-produced mistakes

Spares time and cash

This outcome into the accompanying:

High ROI

Faster GoTo showcase

Computerization testing benefits are numerous and surely knew and generally discussed in the product test industry.

A standout amongst the most generally made inquiry accompanies this is –

What is the best device for me to get my tests mechanized?

Is there a cost included?

Is it simple to adjust?

A standout amongst the best responses to all the above inquiries for mechanizing electronic applications is Selenium. Since:

its open source

have an expansive client base and helping networks

multiprogramming and stage similarity

has dynamic store improvements

underpins different language usage

First, look at Selenium

Selenium is a standout amongst the most famous computerized testing suites. selenium certification is structured in a manner to help and support robotization testing of useful parts of electronic applications and a wide scope of programs and stages. Because of its reality in the open source network, it has turned out to be a standout amongst the most acknowledged apparatuses among the testing experts.

Selenium bolsters a wide scope of programs, advancements, and stages.

Image title

Selenium Components

Selenium isn't only a solitary instrument or a utility, rather a bundle of a few testing apparatuses and for a similar reason, it is alluded to as a Suite. Every one of these instruments is intended to provide food distinctive testing and test condition prerequisites.

The suite bundle comprises of the accompanying arrangements of devices:

selenium integrated Development Environment (IDE)

selenium Remote control (RC)

selenium webdriver

selenium Grid

Selenium RC and WebDriver, in a mix, are prevalently known as Selenium 2. Selenium RC alone likewise alludes as Selenium 1

Image title

Brief Introduction to Selenium instruments


Selenium Core

Selenium is an aftereffect of nonstop endeavors by a specialist at ThoughtWorks, named as Jason Huggins. Being in charge of the testing of an inner Time and Expenses application, he understood the requirement for a computerization testing apparatus in order to dispose of tedious manual errands without trading off with the quality and exactness.

Accordingly, he fabricated a JavaScript program, named as "JavaScriptTestRunner" in mid-2004 that could naturally control the program's activities which appeared to be especially like that of a client speaking with the program.

From this time forward, Jason began demoing the device to the tremendous gathering of people. Inevitably the exchanges were spread out to order this instrument in the open source class just as its capability to develop as a re-usable testing structure for other online applications.

The apparatus was later on acclaimed with the name "Selenium Core".

Selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment)

Selenium IDE was created by Shinya Kasatani. While contemplating Selenium Core, he understood that this JavaScript code can be stretched out to make a coordinated advancement condition (IDE) which can be connected to Mozilla Firefox. This IDE was fit for chronicle and playing back the client activities on a Firefox.

Selenium IDE is the simplest and easiest of all the tools within the Selenium Package. Its record and playback feature makes it exceptionally easy to learn with minimal acquaintances to any programming language. With

several advantages, a few disadvantages accompanied Selenium IDE, thus making it inappropriate to be used in cases of more advanced test scripts.

Advantages and disadvantages of Selenium IDE:

Image title

The disadvantages of IDE are in reality not disadvantages of selenium, rather just limitations to what IDE could achieve. These limitations can be overcome by using Selenium RC or WebDriver.

Selenium RC (Selenium Remote Control)

Selenium RC is a tool which is written in Java that allows a user to construct test scripts for a web-based application in whichever programming language he/she chooses. Selenium certification online RC came as a result to overcome various disadvantages incurred by Selenium IDE or Core

Loopholes and restrictions which were imposed while using Selenium Core made it difficult for the user to leverage the benefits of the tool to its totality. Thus it made the testing process a cumbersome and a far-reaching task.

One of the crucial restrictions was the same origin policy.

Problem of same origin policy:

The problem of same origin policy disallows to access the DOM of a document from an origin that is different from the origin we are trying to access the document.

Origin is a sequential combination of scheme, host, and port of the URL. For example, for a URL, the origin is a combination of http,, 80 correspondingly. Thus the Selenium Core (JavaScript Program) cannot access the elements from an origin that is different from where it was launched.


For Example, if I have launched the JavaScript Program from”, then I would be able to access the pages within the same domain such as

Thus, to test the application using Selenium Core, one has to install the entire application on the Selenium Core as well as a web server to overcome the problem of the same origin policy.

Image title

So, In order to govern the same origin policy without the need of making a separate copy of Application under test on the Selenium Core, Selenium Remote Control was introduced. While Jason Huggins was demoing Selenium, another fellow colleague at ThoughtWorks named Paul Hammant suggested a work

Image title

around of same root strategy and an apparatus that can be wired up with a programming language of our decision. Accordingly, Selenium RC appeared.

Dissimilar to selenium IDE, selenium RC bolsters a wide scope of programs and stages.

Workflow Description

The client makes test contents in an ideal programming language.

For each programming language, there is an assigned customer library.

Customer library expels the test directions to the selenium server.

Selenium server unravels and changes over the test directions into JavaScript directions and sends them to the program.

The program executes the directions utilizing selenium center and sends results back to the selenium server.

There are a couple of pre-essentials to be set up before making Selenium RC contents:

A Programming Language – Java, C#, Python and so forth.

An Integrated Development Environment – Eclipse, Netbeans and so forth.

A Testing Framework (discretionary) – JUnit, Testing and so forth.

Furthermore, Selenium RC setup off-kilter,

Advantages and disadvantages of selenium RC:

Making advances on the favorable circumstances and detriments of selenium RC, allude the accompanying figure.

Image title

Selenium Grid


With selenium RC, a life of an analyzer has dependably been sure and ideal until the developing patterns raised interest to execute same or diverse test contents on numerous stages and programs simultaneously in order to accomplish conveyed test execution, testing under various situations and sparing execution time strikingly. Consequently, providing food these prerequisites selenium framework was brought into the image.

Selenium Grid was presented by Pat Light body so as to address the requirement for executing the test suites on various stages all the while.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver was made by one more specialist at ThoughtWorks named as Simon Stewart in the year 2006. WebDriver is additionally an online testing apparatus with an unobtrusive contrast with Selenium RC. Since the apparatus was based on the key where a detached customer was made for every one of the internet browsers; no JavaScript Heavy lifting was required. This prompted a similarity examination between Selenium RC and WebDriver. Accordingly, all the more dominant computerized testing apparatus was created called Selenium 2. WebDriver is spotless and an absolutely object situated system. It uses the program's local similarity to robotization without utilizing any fringe element. With the expanding request, it has picked up a vast fame and client base.

Advantages and disadvantages of Selenium WebDriver:

Refer the following figure for the advantages and disadvantages of WebDriver.

Image title

Image title

Selenium 3

Selenium 3 is an improved type of Selenium 2. It is a mechanical assembly focused for computerization of flexible and web applications. Communicating that it supports compact testing, we mean to express that the WebDriver API has been contacted address the necessities of flexible application testing. The contraption is required to be moved soon in the market.

Environment and Technology Stack

With the methodology and extension of each new mechanical assembly in the selenium suite, conditions and advancements ended up being logically great. Here is an exhaustive summary of conditions and advances reinforced by selenium mechanical assembly set.

Supported Browsers

Image title

Supported Programming Languages


Supported Operating Systems

Image title

Supported Testing Frameworks 

Image title



In this instructional exercise, we endeavored to make you familiar with the Selenium suite depicting its different segments, their uses and their focal points over one another.

Here are the main points of this article.

Selenium is a suite of a few mechanized testing instruments, every one of them taking into account diverse testing needs.

Every one of these apparatuses falls under a similar umbrella of open source class and supports just online testing.

Selenium suite is contained 4 fundamental segments; Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, WebDriver, Selenium Grid.

The client is relied upon to pick admirably the correct Selenium instrument for his/her needs.

Selenium IDE is disseminated as a Firefox module. It is simpler to introduce and utilize. The client isn't required to have earlier programming information. Selenium IDE is a perfect apparatus for a guileless client.

Selenium Grid draws out an extra element to Selenium RC by circulating its test content on various stages and programs in the meantime for execution, in this way actualizing the ace slave design.

WebDriver is an alternate apparatus inside and out that has different points of interest over Selenium RC. The combination of Selenium RC and WebDriver is otherwise called Selenium 2. WebDriver straightforwardly speaks with the internet browser and utilizations its local similarity to computerize.


Selenium 3 is the most foreseen incorporation in the Selenium suite which is yet to be propelled in the market. Selenium 3 firmly supports versatile testing.

In the following instructional exercise, we would talk about the nuts and bolts of Selenium IDE, its establishment and its highlights.

We would likewise examine the essential wordings and classifications of Selenium IDE.

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