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How to Secure your Business Secrets with OgyMogy App  



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Many national and multi-national business organizations have to compromise on their data due to data breach incidents. They lose important business secrets due to employee negligence or a system hack. This information loss causes them to suffer from heavy monetary loss as well. The employers have started using cloud storage software and apps to protect their business secrets. The app helps them create an online backup for sensitive business information. This backup can be accessed anytime and from anywhere but only by authorized individuals and groups.

We have reviewed several business management and data protection apps to help you get the most appropriate one. OgyMogy monitoring and data backup app is found to be the most suitable app to secure business secrets. In this article, we have discussed how this application helps employers in managing business operations and protecting data remotely.

OgyMogy Cloud Storage App

OgyMogy is a cross-platform online storage app that facilitates businesses and families in protecting their important information. The employers can take advantage of the app to streamline their business operations; keep their workers under surveillance and protect sensitive data. Once you get the company devices installed with the OgyMogy app, you can monitor activities performed on these devices without physical access.

After installation, the cloud storage app syncs important data stored on the mobile phone, tablet or computer of the company. This data gets uploaded to the online control panel of OgyMogy from where the employer can retrieve it anytime. The app uses internet connection to sync and upload this data which usually includes chats, contacts, photos, videos, internet history, bookmarks, passwords, keylogs and more. Read on to know how this application lets you secure your business operations with ease.

Secure Business Contacts

The contact information of current and potential customers is of great importance for the marketing and sales department. You cannot afford to lose or leak sensitive data of your buyers and even employees. OgyMogy lets you protect all your contacts stored on company-owned mobile phones and computer devices. If any of your workers delete these contacts by mistake or with an intention, the spy app lets you retrieve it via the online control panel of the cloud storage app. The app syncs and uploads the contact detail of your concerned individuals and also lets you manage these contacts by adding and deleting contacts right from the online control panel.   

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Secure Media Files

The information stored in the form of photos, videos, voice recordings and other media formats can be secured with the OgyMogy data backup app. The app gets access to media files stored on the company-owned devices and creates an online backup of these files. The authorized persons can access and retrieve the backed up media via an online portal. It also allows retrieving deleted photos, videos and audios.   

Monitor Employee Chats

More than fifty percent of data breach incidents occur due to the negligence and bad intention of employees. This is why keeping your workers under surveillance is crucial. The OgyMogy monitoring app also lets you monitor chats of your workers made with co-workers, customers and third parties. You can also monitor online chats made via social media apps and instant messengers.

The app syncs incoming and outgoing text messages, instant messages and multimedia messages stored on the monitored mobile phone. These messages get uploaded to the online control panel from where the employer can read them. The app also provides contact detail of message senders and receivers to let you find out if your worker communicates with a suspicious person or competitor company.     

Secure Passwords

Having a strong lengthy password can make your online accounts more secure. However, memorizing such complex passwords can be tricky. The OgyMogy lets you enhance the security of your online business accounts by providing help to memorize passwords and usernames of these accounts. The app works as Keylogger and stores usernames, passwords and email addresses put on the keyboard of the monitored mobile phones and computer devices. You can access these keylogs by signing into the online control panel of OgyMogy.  

Filter Malicious Websites

You may have to compromise on your business secrets if you or your workers accidentally visit some malicious website. To minimize the risks of data breach and hacking, OgyMogy lets you block access to unwanted and harmful websites. It makes your system more secure and helps protect business information from unauthorized access. 

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