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How To Find My Router IP Address (2020)

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What is IP addresswhat is my router’s IP address? In this article, we will tell you how to find router’s IP address for any device in just simple steps.

What is an IP address?

router ip address

An IP address is a address for your device which helps the internet to identify your device. It is similar to postal address. It is written in set of four numbers separated by periods(IPv4).

Router’s IP address is in the format of, or  IP address plays a very major role. Without IP address, we couldn’t connect with anyone and they couldn’t share information with us. 

IP address is of two types, private IP address and a public IP address. Let see the difference in both of them.


What is the difference between ‘Public IP’ and ‘Private IP’?

Private IP address is a unique IP address that is assigned by the router to every device connected to it. It is also known as local IP address which is not seen by the outside world because your router performs a function called Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT performs the function of conversion of Private IP address to Public IP address.

Public IP address is seen by the outside world such as websites, etc. This address is provided by the internet service provider(ISP). You can find Public IP address by using many online tools such as whatsmyrouterip. When you visit a website, then the public IP address is logged by the servers.

Why do we need find my router’s IP address?

router ip

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