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Delete For Everyone Now Available On Facebook Messenger

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Delete For Everyone Now Available On Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger now lets you “remove for everyone” (delete for everyone)

Facebook messenger has topped its game. This time around, Mark and his tech team have added the ability for users to delete messages they sent by mistake.

Just like the WhatsApp amazing feature “Delete for everyone” now you can do same on Facebook messenger.

You now have the ability to revoke and delete messages after you have sent it out to your friends.

The feature rolled out early 2019. Following up the test of this feature, I discovered you can delete a message you have sent to your friends on or before 8 minutes.

Just like on WhatsApp messenger app, when you mistakenly send a message or a wrong message, you will be provided with the option to delete it for yourself alone or for everyone within the space of 7 minutes.

Same now applies to Facebook messenger, when you send a message to the wrong person, you will now be able to delete it for yourself or for everyone.

In the case of the messenger, you won’t get the note like the popular notes on WhatsApp which reads “Delete for me”, “Delete for everyone” rather what you will see on your Facebook messenger is “Remove for me” and ” Remove for everyone”.

Wondering what these two notes mean?

1. Remove for me

2. Remove for everyone


Remove for me:

This feature allows you to delete a message you mistakenly sent to someone or your friend. From your own personal inbox meanwhile, the message will still appear in the inbox of the person you sent it to.

Some people do this when they feel they have sent a message that is not appropriate. For that reason, they don’t want that message to remind them of the pains or embarrassment it caused them. So they would prefer not to see the message in their inbox again even when they know full well that the message still appears in the inbox of the other person.

But who would still want to use that feature when the Facebook messenger has already made it possible for you to delete it in your inbox and the inbox of the other person when received it.

Remove for everyone:

This is the latest feature on Facebook messenger that I’m talking about. With this feature, you can now delete or revoke messages mistakenly sent to your friends without them seeing it (that’s if you are able to delete it on or before 8minutes).

When you mistakenly send an unwanted message to your friend or someone, with this feature you don’t need to worry again all you just have to do is to remove it for everyone.

How to delete for everyone on Facebook messenger

Want to remove the message for everyone on Facebook messenger? Follow these simple steps

1. When you send the message to someone and discovered it was a wrong message, or there was a mistake.

2. Long press on the message and the option Remove for me or remove for everyone pops up.

3. Click on Remove for everyone and boom the message is deleted from your inbox and the inbox of the person you sent it to. While trying to remove it for everyone, you will get a prompt notification which reads

“You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. They can see you removed a message and still report it.”

Remove for everyone

This is indeed a nice feature especially for those found guilty of cheating or those chatting with the influence of alcohol.