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5 Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2019  



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Technology is almost a part of everything that you use these days. Every other thing or instrument that you can think about is going ‘smart’ these days. However, these gadgets and technological goods are often very heavy on the pocket. And employing their use means that you always have to be on a hunt for affordable Spectrum TV and Internet. Because most of these technologies employ the use of the Internet, you cannot afford to spend huge amounts on that.

With that, we bring to you a list of technology trends that you should look out for in 2019.

AR and VR

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are indeed the future. In fact, they are pretty much a part of our present too. Many games or things that you now see around yourself, employ the use of these technologies. And advances in these technologies will continue to also be at the forefront this year.

There was a time when you could find VR and AR in video games only. However, now you can find the use of these technologies in various other industries. These include space exploration, engineering design, healthcare, and manufacturing. This year, AR is expected to progress further with the innovative industrial applications that it might be used in.

Although the demand for AR is up by 37%, the representatives for the technology are still limited. This means that this area also provides an opportunity for individuals to excel in it. And learn more about it.

Improved Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is an issue that many big corporations remain worried about. Because a couple of companies had to face serious consequences in the past for not employing enough security to prevent the data from leaking. This year, the cybersecurity will see many improvements. In fact, the patterns suggest that the tech world is already paying a great amount of attention to cybersecurity. Companies want to stay away from hackers because the information that they hold with themselves is private and too precious for them. This will only happen when companies start employing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It can help keep hackers away. Or that’s what we think.

Blockchain Technology

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In 2019, blockchain is set to bring the first enterprise application in active use. Many would know blockchain for the use of cryptocurrency. That is the only thing that many still believe that blockchains are used for. However, this year, some of the most prominent corporations are aiming to make use of blockchain as a means to improve collaboration. In fact, this year onwards, blockchain will actually be a part of many industries. It will form a part of companies’ core business innovation plans or ideas.

Auto beyond Tesla

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Elon Musk might have introduced the idea of an automotive. But this year, automotive will go beyond Tesla. So all those who think that they cannot afford a luxury car like Tesla, do not worry. Because automotive will soon be common. You do not have to think that it will be a luxury item that a few will be able to afford. This is all thanks to technologies like AI and connectivity. These help to make the cars smarter by transforming them. Big companies are now expanding their operations. This means that their processes are now above engineering and design. This implies that the future cars will give the buyers the liberty to purchase the upgrades as well as add new features. This will give the operators more liberty.

To summarize it, individuals are more likely to move towards car subscription than ownership. This will be a new era in the automotive industry.

Robots going Social

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Robots are no more something that one could only dream about. People have already started using a robot to clean their houses and perform other errands for them. The use of robots is going social too. Their use has become commonplace. However, the robots going social is a new thing. This means that robots can now be used in industrial applications as well. Industrial robots are already replacing a lot of humans. Hence, depriving them of their jobs. This can be a matter to worry about as well. Because this means that humans will soon be replaced by robots.

In fact, my recent experience proved that robots have already taken the place of many humans in some industries. It was when I recently called my Spectrum Customer Service number to inquire about the promotions offered on Spectrum Voice plans. I was pleasantly surprised when an AI-powered machine answered it.