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What is Sensex and Nifty


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What is Sensex and Nifty 

What does the Index Mean? Index definition is “An index is a statistical aggregate that changes measurements.” Recall this throughout this post–’ statistical aggregate.’ Not all indexes are the same–they can be differentiated on the basis of countries, the stock market cap they cover, or even how any stock becomes part of the index. Sometimes I feel that even building an index is an art and not science Sensex & Nifty are both big cap indexes but BSE NSE from various inventory exchanges.

What Is Sensex?

Sensitivity Index is the Full Form Of Sensex. When the Sensex comes up, people are pleased and angry when it comes down. Sensex is the Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE stock market index – it is also known as BSE Sensex.

What Does Sensex Mean

It is the market-weighted stock index of 30 firms chosen based on economic soundness and results. Usually big and well-established firms are selected to represent the different industries. Here is the list of Top 30 Companies in Sensex India

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