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Brands Marketing to Gen Z


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While marketing to millennials has long been a topic of discussion and there is a myriad of resources to help brands with it, Generation Z Brands marketing is a topic that is still finding ground. If your brand offers products and/or services for the younger demographic, Gen Zers, those born after 1995, you need to start working towards tuning your marketing strategies with them in mind. This is a crowd that is tech savvy, ambitious, outgoing, and expects to be valued. So, to attract this particular customer base to your brand, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Convey Your Message Quick

As a business owner or marketer, you literally have 8 to 15 seconds to capture the attention of Gen Zers. Yes, you read it right, we are talking in seconds! This is known to be the average attention span of this generation of youth. Therefore, if you want them to like the video from your TikTok influencers, follow your brand on Instagram, or click on your TikTok ads, you need to make them understand the value they can receive from your brand, the purpose of the content they are watching, and other relevant details within this time frame. According to Gen Z research, packing all this information in an 8-second video or content definitely isn’t an easy task, which is why you can seek help from a TikTok agency or other social management firms.

Think Twice About Marketing with Celebrities

Gone are the days when celebrity endorsements or marketing was really appealing to the younger customer base. If your Gen Z advertising is focused on catering to the needs of Gen Zers and you are thinking about marketing with celebrities, you need to think twice. Brands Marketing to Gen Z should know that these youth do not welcome mainstream celebrity marketing as much. While they can relate to their favorite TikTok influencers or YouTube stars, most of them prefer seeing real people in ads or marketing messages rather than celebrities. This goes without saying that Generation Zers focus on the message delivered by an ad and not who delivers it. Gen Z Brands need to understand this.

Optimize Marketing for Mobile

As discussed earlier, Gen Zers have a short attention span, but what you should also know is that their attention remains split as well. What this means is that these youth, on average, are known to use five different devices – smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, and TV – and they constantly bounce between them. Therefore, Brands Marketing to Gen Z should know that it is essential that you have your website optimized for multi-device use, especially for mobile devices. These young adults are constantly on their mobile phones and tablets, using a wide range of apps, from messaging apps to shopping apps and a lot more. In this case, they prefer apps that are user-friendly, and websites that offer a seamless experience overall. So, if optimizing your website or introducing an easy-to-use app hasn’t been on your marketing agenda, it should be now.

Convenience is Key

Generation Zers are ready to pay a premium price for a company, brand, or product that can make things convenient for them. For instance, while they prefer shopping online to brick-and-mortar, they want their order to be delivered right at their doorstep and prefer not to pick it up from a store. And more importantly, they want the delivery to be done within the promised timeframe.

When Generation Z is your target audience, you need to make sure that your marketing message and strategy are carefully developed and implemented, of course, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind. Yes, it is going to be tough, but you don’t want to miss targeting almost half the customer base.

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