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Key elements to market Halal products

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If we want to enter a specific customer segment, therefore, we will need to know these consumers better. Know the sales channels, the distributors as well as the product design to meet expectations. The market can be national but also international. In any case it will be necessary to review aspects of labeling, packaging, logos, brands.

Halal Certificate Seal

If we accept that the Halal certifying seal is an added value, we must highlight above other graphic elements or text that the product is Halal. It is the key element for them to choose according to market studies.


The packaging can be the same as the one we use for our customers. However, depending on the product, it will be necessary to take into account that Muslim families tend to have more children than non-Muslim families. This is because the birth rate of Spanish non-Muslim families barely reaches 1.2 children per couple. If it is for international, in addition to the size of the families, the frequency of weekly shopping should be taken into account. Storage conditions in stores and homes should also be taken into account. We should not evaluate the data from our perspective. Not all countries have good refrigerated logistics, not all families have large refrigerators in their homes.

In any case, we assume that the materials with which our containers are manufactured could meet the Halal certification. In addition to the marketing function of the container, it also has to contain, preserve and maintain the product. It is logically trying to prevent it from coming into contact with other products that would contaminate it. The packaging prevents the product from being affected by undesirable external conditions. Especially if they are clearly non-Halal products. Suppose that in the transport to a cheese container you fall on pork fat and this liquid comes in contact with the cheese or smears the box. It is unlikely that this would happen with the packaging we use today, but we must take this into account. The same applies to the use of gloves that operators can use when packaging:

Logos and brands

Regarding logos and brands, we must analyze if they meet the reasonable and convenient requirements for both the national and international markets. In addition to evaluating the convenience of keeping some images or Catholic religious symbols in the logo, and some brand names in honor of the patron saint of the town, it would be desirable to give it a rethink. The rethinking of the image is not so much for the Muslim market but for the national and international market. In my opinion the best thing would be to go to a specialized Naming company that makes proposals. Also for us to verify in different languages ​​and cultures the sound of our brand, as well as its registration in patents and brands of the respective markets.

We can also rely on a specialized distributor in a country to help us in this part. In any case, I would avoid putting a name on our account without further ado. In addition to the cultural, phonetic problems, we can find that it is already registered in those countries, that there is no free domain on the internet or worse that is already being used by a brand or entity. Any of these cases would force us later to change ours, undoing the work done and losing the investment.

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