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Arrange Your Refrigerator Using These 4 Simple Steps From Packers And Movers In Bangalore


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Due to relocation you get the chance to clean the mess piled up from days or even from years. Relocation is like the new beginning- the new home, the new environment and surrounding everything feels new and different so why you are still thinking for arranging your things in that old way change it up in a better way. You already had face off with the expired products in the back of your refrigerator while you was doing your packing, now its gone but it can come back if you don’t organize your refrigerator in the way you should, that's why folks today i am bringing this guide from Packers and Movers Bangalore, so shall we. When you are super hungry, and then will you like when you have to search for the item you are looking for in the whole fridge? I don’t think so you will, at that moment we just to want that when we open the fridge we can easily reach them, that what we will learn today how to organize your food and have plenty of space for every kind of food items.

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Organize Your Fridge In This Way.

Now that your fridge is sanitized and properly cleaned you can begin with the process of arranging the items systematically. We will store different items in upper shelves, lower shelves, drawers and doors; you can proceed for sections one by one or can choose the part you are more interested in. Wanna store your extra's in Bangalore then call local Packers and Movers in Bangalore now.

Upper Shelf:

This is the top shelf so you should avoid storing raw meat and vegetables in it. The best items to store there is ready to made food, leftover, Drinks and cheese as these have shorter life span and keeping them in the place which catch your eyes as soon as you open the fridge door is wise way for finishing them on time.

You can also make “finish this first" Box for finishing about to expire products. Even you are running low in space then you can also use hang basket and can successfully use your upper shelf wall space for storing your shorter life span foods.

Lower Shelf:

Done with the arrangement of upper shelf now let’s move to the lower shelf systematization. Store your raw ingredients and packaged food in this shelf; you can also store some of your read to eat foods if they are above the meats.

From a group of similar items and put them like that example basket of sandwich ingredient, smoothie ingredients, sauces etc.

Use curtain rings to hang bagged items like shredded cheese or lettuce, just simple clip your curtain ring clips on the wire shelves or bars on the edge of lower shelf.

Store you small container of chopped veggies, yogurt, chutney or any pouch in file organizer and place it in the lower shelf.


These are present at the bottom of the fridges and have humidity and temperature control feature to keep the food fresh. Even we know this is best place to store your fruits and veggies, many times we make a mistake of not placing the things where it should be like some fruits need more humidity some don't so their placement also places a vital role, for sorting you can place drawer dividers and divide your items successfully.

Before you begin with the set up its recommend to line bottom with the paper towel and don't forget to change them every 2 weeks. Now keep your precious household items save from transit uncertainties by availing Packers and movers in Bangalore insurance services.

Place items which not easily in the low humidity drawer and place items like green leafy vegetables in the high humidity drawer.


Do you know fridge door is the warmest part of it, so place only your condiments, butter and other less perishable items there. For keeping it organizes keep the similar items together in one door and mark it too.

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