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8 Best Places For Scuba Diving in Bangkok With Delta Airlines


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Known for its gritty charm and surreal beauty, Bangkok is counted amongst the stunning destinations to explore at least once in a lifetime. From heritage museums to vibrant nightlife to floating markets to picturesque national parks and everything in between, Bangkok has it all to entice holidaymakers of all ages and preferences. In addition to this, Bangkok is a heaven for diving enthusiasts as it is home to numerous scuba diving places where you can get a closer look at the marine life. If your adrenaline is always high and you are an adventure loving soul, then scuba diving is perhaps the best choice for you. Don’t worry if you are not a pro as you can learn scuba diving in Bangkok under the guidance of experts and practice the same to witness the oceanic paradise. Here, we are suggesting 8 best places in Bangkok where you can enjoy the thrill of scuba diving and enjoy a lifetime experience. 

Famous Places in Bangkok For Scuba Diving 

Want to savor the mesmerizing view of underwater colorful creatures? Plan your trip to Bangkok and explore the marine universe. Take a dive into the pristine azure waters of Thailand and experience the underwater world in the Andaman Sea. Below is mentioned the list of top-known places for enjoying scuba diving in Bangkok. Pay a visit at the capital of Thailand and make your tour even more exciting. 
Koh Dok Mai
One of the best scuba diving sites in Bangkok, Koh Dok Mai offers you two contrastingly different scuba diving options to the visitors. It is situated 10 km away from the famous Shark Point and is more suitable for the experienced divers. It houses a sloping reef which is home to the rare marine species such as Angelfish, marbled grouper, Clownfish, Butterflyfish and a lot more. Please note down the fact that if you are a beginner, then you can enjoy scuba diving here only under the guidance of the professional experts. 
Hin Daeng & Hin Muang
Hin Daeng, also known as Red Rock, is undoubtedly the heaven for the scuba divers as it gives you the chance to explore the beautiful white corals and white sharks. However, if you are a professionally trained diver, then you can easily reach the Hin Muang, also known as Purple Rock, and witness the soft coral wall up to a depth of 60 m. Here, you can also get the opportunity to witness the leopard sharks reef sharks. This diving spot lies within Koh Lanta National Park and the best time to visit is between November and April. Make American Airlines Reservations to Bangkok and pump up your adrenaline. 
Koh Phi Phi
Home to several scuba diving spots, Koh Phi Phi is yet another stunning and legendary scuba diving site in bangkok. Here, you can find sloping coral reefs, nook and crevices etc. The underwater world in Koh Phi Phi is equally picturesque as the one above water. In addition to this, here, divers can feel the thrill of the great wall dive and witness leopard sharks, soft corals, scorpion fish and many more. To experience the better water visibility, avoid visiting during the rainy season. 
West of Eden
Next on the list of top-known scuba diving sites in bangkok is the West of Eden. Easily accessible from Phuket and Khao Lak, this is one of the most famous and worth-visiting scuba diving sites in Bangkok. This shallow crystal-clear water is ideal for beginners and is home to the gorgeous coral structures and the famous marine species like batfish, pipefish, glassfish, turtles, and goatfish. 
Chumphon Pinnacles
Planning to enjoy the company of grouper, clownfish, schools of jacks, anemones, and barracuda, then Chumphon Pinnacles is perhaps the best option for you. This best time to visit this scuba diving site between March and September. Chumphon Pinnacles has a big granite pinnacle that takes you to the depth of 35 meters. However, if you have an ardent desire to witness shark, then this site might disappoint you during March and September as sharks can be seen during February and April. Located just 10 km away from Koh Tao, Chumphon Pinnacles is an ideal site to enjoy underwater universe.