What is SEO and why it is important ?  



Can you answer What is SEO and why it is important ?



Search has become the most crucial drive of traffic to websites. For this reason, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has gained immense popularity. What is SEO? SEO is a technique to create traffic to your website by improving page rank within search engines. Well, how does it help? It makes easier for search engines to understand your content and aids in getting inbound links or backlinks from other websites. This improves the user experience and usability of a website. Now tell me, don’t you think it’s great!

Gone are those days when people would walk miles or drive to buy any product. This Digital revolution has changed buyer’s behavior and approach. We can now buy anything online and just by a click, the product comes to our doorstep. However, to reach our potential customers, we have to show visibility on the web.

SEO has also become important for business because visibility is now an important factor for any enterprise. They have turned the business online to sell products and services. Each owner tries to secure a position where their website is top listed and wants traffic to their site.

Below is the Importance of SEO in just 3 simple step:

1. SEO helps owners to create fast and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn builds brand awareness for your business as the users are more likely to trust a site that is on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) than brands who are not.

2. SEO helps to discover target markets, hone advertising, and determine strategies based on facts.

3. SEO helps to bring more qualified potential customers to the website and eventually increases conversion rates.

SEO brings life to marketing strategy. It is the smart way of marketing investment and also a long-term asset for the business.
Finally, I would like to give a big shout to small business owners, make use of new cut edge technologies and SEO to build a strong web presence to gain new customers and take it to the next level.
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