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What is Off page seo?


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What is Off page seo? ?  

SEO is a vast field and its important now a days is very crucial for business and organizations around the world to organically rank their website. SEO is not limited to Google only now, to rank on various e-commerce website, job website, social media etc SEO is used.
It has evolved a lot since its beginning, basically in simple words suppose if I have a keyword
latest govt jobs and I want to rank for it. Then the basic things will be followed in all. That is backlink Yes, to have backlinks for your ecommerce website or any other. 

Other than that you have to optimize your website such mobile optimized, responsive, speed, meta tags etc.

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  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Local Business Listing
  • Classfied Submission and many more

For Example: Suppose I want to rank my website for a keyword property in haridwar

That is how you do it.  ? 

Thank You

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