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Sedu Hair Straighteners Make Great Graduation Gifts


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Yes, ladies, there is a proper way to blow dry your hair! It's possible to do a good job at home if you follow a few simple steps and remember that every good style starts with a proper blow-dry! This will create a great setting for your tiara at your prom!

Remember, you're not going to get a professional-looking job the first time as it takes practice and patience. To begin, here's a small checklist of the things you need: sectioning clips, straightening balm, hair spray, large round brush, and a blow dryer that offers between 1200 and 1500 watts. If your hair has an unwanted wave or curl, apply your favourite straightening balm.

Take tangles out gently by creating a part and allowing it to air dry 90%. Section your hair horizontally and leave a section free. Pull up the remainder of your hair up to the top of your head. At this point, you might even be able to use your Sedu hair straightener instead of the blower.

Next, divide your hair into four manageable sections depending on its length and thickness. Hold a brush in one hand and your dryer in the other. Move the brush and blow dryer vertically by choosing one of the four sections and direct the airflow down the hair shaft. By closing the cuticle, you will create shine. A great shine in your hair will even add lustre to your prom jewellery.

Move from section to section of free hair until all of it is smooth and dry. Remove the clips and section off more hair horizontally and allow this new section to fall loose.

Once again re-clip the damp hair on top of your head and continue the drying steps as outlined above until your hair is completely dry. And finally, style with the brush to coax the desired movement and then spray it to hold.


Also, it's important to get a light-weight blow dryer as holding your arms over your head can get tiring. Remember to not get your hair too crunchy with spray, as your hairstyle should be strong enough to hold itself. Your gorgeous hair will really enhance your sexy prom dress. After all, you want to know notice notice how to write

That's it, now go and have a ball!


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